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BC Expands Alcohol Sales at Alumni Stadium

Ever since Martin Jarmond took over as Boston College’s Director of Athletics in June, the 37-year-old has made it his priority to upgrade Eagles fans’ game-day experience.

Earlier this summer, Jarmond introduced a new fan council, designed to create a dialogue between fans, donors, and administration. But on Friday, Jarmond took a bigger step—he announced that BC will expand its beer and wine sales at Alumni Stadium for the 2017 football season. It is unclear at this moment if the same policy will eventually be applied to Conte Forum for basketball and hockey.

Beginning with the Eagles’ home opener against Wake Forest on Sept. 9, beer and wine will be available for purchase at select locations in Alumni. Previously, alcohol has been sold to fans in premium seating areas—60 boxes, suites, and a tent adjacent to the stadium—but the sales have never reached the general admission ticket holders.

After initially showing interest in expanding the stadium’s alcohol sales, BC had to seek approval from the licensing board of the City of Boston. Once the board permitted the University to amend the school’s license, BC was able to kickstart a pilot program to explore the benefits of increased alcohol distribution.

Including BC, about one-third of the FBS has already expanded its alcohol sales. Potential benefits include a jump in attendance numbers. In 2016, BC filled just 72.3 percent of Alumni’s capacity. Other schools that have also expanded beer and wine sales in their home venues have seen more and more fans file into games. For instance, back in 2011, West Virginia University made the change, and since then, attendance has increased 2.2 percent.

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August 18, 2017

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  1. “a pilot program to explore the benefits of increased alcohol distribution.” LOL! If you are a fan of car crashes, brawls, and reverse peristalsis, this policy is for you!