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Gallery: Summer Renovations Transform Lyons, Devlin

Boston College underwent a large amount of construction during the summer, including renovations to the Rat and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in Devlin Hall, among other things. Progress was also made on the building of the Connell Recreation Center, which will be located where Edmond’s Hall once was and will replace the Flynn Recreation Complex, as well as athletic fields on the Brighton Campus and the Field House on the former site of Shea Field.

The reception area in Devlin Hall’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions was expanded this summer. A project to create a 250-seat lecture hall where the McMullen Museum of Art once occupied will be in construction through December and will open in the spring. The lecture hall will be used for admission programs.

Kostka Hall was renovated to include a lounge and reflection space for residents. Previously, Kostka was the only freshman dormitory on Upper Campus without a lounge.

The Rat was completely transformed over the summer. The dark space was made light with new white tile floors and bright walls with wooden panels. The entrance is now adorned with large glass walls.

“As you can see from the dirt piles … from Shea Field, to the (former) Edmond’s site, to Brighton campus … this is a tremendous volume of simultaneous construction on campus for Boston College,” Mary Nardone, associate vice president of capital projects, said in an email.

Featured Image by Amelie Trieu / Heights Editor

September 10, 2017