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Aly and AJ Fashionably Return with ’80s Reverential ‘Take Me’ Video

Aly and AJ are back on the music scene after changing their name to 78violet. One of their first releases, a remake of the Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Do You Believe in Magic” is a song many will remember from childhood watching the Disney Channel. The sister-duo were famous as actors and some of their first acting jobs were in the DCOM Cow Belles and Super Sweet 16: The Movie on MTV.  After their return to their roots, the singers don’t seem to have missed a beat, as their latest single feels relevant in the music scene today.

Their latest video draws a lot of influence from the ’80s. From the way the video is shot, to its color scheme and fashion choices, what appears on the screen looks as if it could have been made 40 or 50 years ago. The video itself is shot with a cool, hazy exposure, and intermittent cracks on the screen, as if the clock had been wound back. It evokes a vibe similar to Lana Del Ray. The sisters, however, don’t have the same feeling of nostalgia that Del Ray often channels in her work. This seems to be much less of a looking back at this time and more as a jumping off point to use and to experiment with.

While so much of this video seems influenced by the ’80s, the song still fits the scene today. Even looking at the fashion in the video, the bright pink statement tops and the turtlenecks are back in style. Perhaps this speaks to how much our culture is taking a look back at trends from the ’80s and other eras and pulling them and ideas from the past into today.

The plot of the movie within utilizes a vampire narrative. With a lot of close up shots of the girls singing, the video appears to be somewhat like a glamorous photo shoot. While there is a clear storyline of the girls as vampires on the hunt for blood, the video seems to be more focused on taking close up shots of the singers making faces at the camera than what’s actually going on. There seemed to be an effort to look glamorous, instead of it just occurring naturally. But this is likely a neat and topical way to reintroduce the girls to the public eye.

Featured Image By Aly and AJ Music

September 17, 2017