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Our Thoughts With the Victims in Marseille

The editorial board of The Heights wishes to express our thoughts and prayers to the four Boston College students attacked by acid in Marseille: Courtney Siverling, MCAS ’19; Charlotte Kaufman, LSOE ’19; Michelle Krug, MCAS ’19; and Kelsey Kosten, CSOM ’19. In particular, we would like to applaud Krug for her bravery. In a statement on Facebook, she accepted all prayers for her and her friends, but also extended her thoughts to the attacker so she can “receive the help she needs and deserves.” Krug’s recognition of her attacker and reminder of the stigma surrounding mental illness exemplified what it means to uphold the Jesuit ideal of being a person for others. Furthermore, Krug noted that she will continue to study abroad in France despite the attack, proving her strength in a turbulent time.

September 18, 2017