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LTE: A Response to “LTE: A Response to ‘Looking Forward to a Progressive Future'”

Regardless of one’s personal beliefs on these topics, we have to acknowledge, as members of the Boston College community, that our school was based upon Catholic and Jesuit ideals and that our administrators must stay true to such ideals. Cura personalis. Agape. You are your sibling’s keeper. Love thy neighbor. Equal rights and access for all, including queer folks.

Regardless of one’s personal prejudices, we have to acknowledge, as members of the BC community, that the Bible and church doctrine demand that we uphold and support the whole person. Whether through education, mentorship, community, or support, an LGBTQ+ Resource Center would mean greater equity for queer students. To metonymize the queer community by their relationships alone is to deny the wholeness and the dignity of the community, demonstrating an inherently anti-Christian framework.

That being said, to queer folks directly, you belong at BC. Plain and simple: you belong here. Whether you are an artist or an athlete, an academic or an advocate, all of these or none of these, or simply trying to make it as an LGBTQ+ student in a tough world, you belong here, and this is your home.

Additionally, while queer folks inherently belong, and do not need to earn belonging through achievement, it is important to mention that the LGBTQ+ community has contributed to the health and well-being of this campus in ways that often go unmentioned and unacknowledged. Here are just a few ways:

-Expanding sexual assault resources to include more types of students and more kinds of advocacy
-Providing said sexual assault resources to survivors and respondents alike
-Building student involvement opportunities, like UGBC
-Changing the face of “who” can be elected to represent the student voice
-Building programs that enhance the understanding of student wellness
-Advocating for greater understanding of diverse student communities on campus and in the world
-Reviving a conversation on campus regarding free speech, demonstrations, and the Jesuit call to be civically engaged

What else can be said? I have one hundred more words left, but I feel that it can be left at this. For folks feeling the damage of queer oppression, know that there are resources from the Women’s Center to the Dean of Students Office, from University Counseling Services to GLAAD, from HRC to UGBC (who, I may mention, affirmed the need for a LGBTQ+ Resource Center in past administrations). I might emphasize that BC already provides queer resources mentioned above that administration have not considered “hypocritical” to BC’s Catholic heritage. A resource center simply expands those resources so that they are of access and visible to all students—just another point reinforcing the fact that homosexuality isn’t incompatible with the values of BC. As we continue to work for an LGBTQ+ Resource Center, however, I will continue “reclaiming my time.”


Tt King, MCAS ’18, UGBC Executive Vice President, Women’s Center

Nick Massimino, LSOE ’18, Chair of the GLBTQ+ Leadership Council

Michelle Yan, MCAS ’20, Vice Chair of the GLBTQ+ Leadership Council

Taraun Frontis, CSOM ’19, Chair of the AHANA+ Leadership Council

Akosua Opokua-Achampong, MCAS ’18, UGBC President

Tyng Pan, MCAS ’18, Vice President of Communications

Michael Osaghae, MCAS ’20, Vice Chair of AHANA+ Leadership Council

Claire Chatellier, MCAS ’19, Chair of UGBC Council for Students with Disabilities

Colin Vergilio, CSOM ’19, Vice President of Financial Affairs

Tom Downing, CSOM ’18, Vice President of Student Initiatives

Dinah Jean Philippe, MCAS ’18, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion Programming

Greg Michalowski, MCAS ’17

Erin McCarthy, CSOM ’18, Women’s Center

Maithri Harve, MCAS ’19, Women’s Center

Kristina Major, MCAS ’19, Bystander Intervention

Nicola Roux, MCAS ’20 , Bystander Intervention

Fidelia Ge, MCAS ’20 , Co-Director of Outreach of the GLBTQ+ Leadership Council

Rachel Piccolino, MCAS ’18, Bystander Intervention

Joseph Fonseca, MCAS ’20

Julia Barrett, MCAS ’19, Chief of Staff for the AHANA+ Leadership Council, Women’s Center

Megan O’Neill, MCAS ’18, Bystander Intervention

Connor Kratz, MCAS ’18, President Pro-Tempore of the Student Assembly

Kirstan Brodie, MCAS ’18

Tess Duryea, LSOE ’19

Meagan Hopkins, LSOE ’19

Katie Babbin, MCAS ’18, Bystander Intervention

Joan Jungbin Lee, MCAS ’18

Peyton King, MCAS ’20

Ines Gonzalez, MCAS ’17

Tyler Cotner, BU ’18

Djanan Kernizan, MCAS ’19, Women’s Center

Amber Ruther, CSOM ’17

Chris Kim, CSOM ’18, Vice President of Student Organizations

Featured Image by Abby Paulson / Creative Director

September 23, 2017