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Chris Lane Crosses Pop-Country, and New Singles from J Balvin, Maren Morris

Chris Lane’s “Take Back Home Girl” embraces everything warm and familiar about home

An unlikely duet with pop singer Tori Kelly, Chris Lane’s “Take Back Home Girl” incorporates both a familiar country chorus and a catchy, unique verse to make a song destined to top the country charts. The lyrics in the chorus are reminiscent of those in many stereotypical country songs but in the context of the song they are endearing and sweet. Lane sings of a girl he wants to take home “to a house on the hill where the wild things grow.” These feel-good lyrics are mixed with a quick and almost rap-like beat, differentiating the song from other generic, run-of-the-mill country singles.The title itself is a witty play on words. With a name like “Take Back Home Girl,” the song would lead people to believe it is about a hookup, but instead it describes Lane taking a girl back home to his mother. The inclusion of Tori Kelly shows that this song is not intended for just country radio—Lane is clearly hoping to attract attention from pop fans as well, which is not surprising since Sam Hunt paved the way for country-pop crossover hits earlier this year with “Body Like a Backroad.” To further this, although the lyrics have many “country” aspects, the song’s sound is pop all the way. If it weren’t for the one guitar included in the background, it wouldn’t be a country song at all. With sweet, reminiscent lyrics and the inclusion of a non-country artist, “Take Back Home Girl” is bound for the top of the country charts.

J Balvin takes after Luis Fonsi, includes Beyonce in new single “Mi Gente”



After the chart-topping, world-dominating success experienced by Fonsi’s “Despacito,” Balvin decided it was his turn to include a big-name artist in his new single. “Mi Gente” was originally released around a few months ago, but was re-released last week as a remix with Beyonce and Willy Williams. The release followed the natural disasters affecting Texas, South Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and some proceeds of the song will go to charities such as UNICEF and Somos Una Voz.

Maren Morris takes a much-needed stand with “Dear Hate”



Maren Morris penned “Dear Hate” in 2015 after the shooting in Charleston, S.C. She released the single, featuring Vince Gill, the day of the shootings at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas. The song is touching and emotional, especially as these tragic events are becoming more regular. All the proceeds from “Dear Hate” go to the Music City Cares Fund, a charity based in Nashville that was founded to help the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

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October 11, 2017

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