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Black Lives Matter Signs Defaced in Roncalli

Two Black Lives Matter signs were defaced in Roncalli Hall on Oct. 13, made to read “Black Lives Don’t Matter.” The perpetrator is unknown and the University is currently investigating the incident.

After returning from work, Caitlin Ashton Gardner, CSON ’20, found that her Black Lives Matter sign was defaced, as well as the one on her neighbor’s door. The signs have been on their doors since they attended a Sept. 17 march in support of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals in Boston Common.

Two of her friends, Armani King and Daniela Herrera, both MCAS ’20, have also alleged bias-related incidents in Roncalli. They have had the words “Hispanic” and “Latino” erased from a whiteboard on their door promoting Hispanic Heritage Month numerous times. Gardner said in a Facebook message that the erasing became progressively worse during Hispanic Heritage Month, which ended last week.

The incidents have been documented and reported to the Office of Institutional Diversity for inclusion in BC’s Intolerant Incident database of offenses, according to Jeremy Weinberg, the Residential Life Administrator on Call. The BC Police Department has also been notified of these events and is carrying out an investigation alongside the Office of Residential Life, University Spokesman Jack Dunn said via a BC spokesman in the Official Boston College Class of 2020 Facebook group.

“Boston College condemns all acts of hate and will hold anyone found responsible accountable,” Dunn said.

In an email to residents of Roncalli, Weinberg emphasized that BC will not tolerate this behavior and that it is an unacceptable display of intolerance.

“This is not only an irresponsible act, but also a cowardly one that does not reflect your sensitivity and concern for one another,” he said.

In response to these incidents, Gardner and her friends have erased “don’t” from the signs and put Black Lives Matter signs on every door of their floors in Roncalli.

“As a student of color, this incident makes me feel less safe and less welcome on campus, and I’m hoping that the BC administration will be vigilant about taking action, as well as reaching out to support students of color who may be affected,” Gardner said in an email Monday. “Mostly, however, this isn’t about this one incident with one student and one sign; there have been multiple students on campus who have experienced similar and worse racist incidents.”

Emma Linville, MCAS ’20, spread word of the defacing through the Official BC Class of 2020 Facebook page Friday evening. She appealed to BC to hold the perpetrator responsible for these actions and create a welcoming community for all BC students.

“The minority population of the student body deserves to be respected and should be able to live in an environment in which they feel safe, comfortable, and accepted,” Linville said.

This article has been updated.

Featured Image Courtesy of Emma Linville and Armani King

October 15, 2017

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  1. A shame that 21 years after I graduated from BC students of color still have to go through the same trials and tribulations

  2. Is it possible that a Black student is expressing the feeling that his or her life doesn’t matter at BC?

    • To 1st Amendment poster:
      You obviously do not get it and are a contributing part of the ongoing problem of racism and bigotry at Boston College.

      Ignorance is not bliss. Considering that
      your social location of an attitude of “white privilege” affords you such an elite experience of an education at this Catholic University get some understanding.

      Jesuit spirituality is also steeped in Social Justice Teachings. Maybe you should take some time to become not only book educated but schooled in diversity.

      The world you will enter into upon graduation is not the great
      “white only way” of yester year.
      You obviously know your comment is ignorant and lacks credibility because you hide behind an anonymous identity.
      I suggest you learn the authentic context of the First Amendment and while you are at it learn a little something about Federal Hate Crimes.

      Unlike you I have no problem in signing my name to by comments. The test of time will continue to support the validity of my response but what will it say about you.

      The AHANA acronym (African Hispanic Asian Native American) was developed 38 years ago for this very purpose- to promote respect for the diversity of Black, Latino (a), Hispanic Asian and Native American peoples on Boston College’s campus. It is evident that you and so many others –
      Students, Faculty, Administrators and Alumnae still just do not get it!!!!!
      Dr. Valerie D. Lewis-Mosley RN ’79 SON
      Co-originator of AHANA

    • Thank you Dr.Valerie Lewis-Mosley. You have truly represented both the Black Talent Program and AHANA Programs when you ” Checked” or should I say, gave her a history lesson in Civil Rights and the Constitution. Racist people use to hide behind a White sheet decades ago.
      The blank profile replaces the sheet for some people and provides them with a false sense of security.They are soo… wrong in thinking that their racist comments will be overlooked.
      If your going to insult Black Educated Boston College Students or Alumni on this sight, you better be prepared for a discussion.This is my nice advice to you
      1st Admen.

      • Of course Black Lives Matter. Do you feel that all Black students feel that BC as an institution is properly recognizing that Black Lives Matter? Do you think it is possible that some Black students feel that the experience at BC is an experience where Black Lives are not properly valued? I feel like you are picking a fight with a friend not a foe.