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CSOM Accepts Internal Transfer Applications for Second Year

Boston College’s Carroll School of Management is accepting internal transfer applications from sophomores this year. Last fall was the first time CSOM decided to accept internal transfers in over four years, according to Richard Keeley, CSOM’s senior associate dean for undergraduate programs.

Candidates must be sophomores who have completed at least 45 credits and have a minimum GPA of 3.4. Applicants are then randomly selected from this pool. Last year, there were about 45 applicants and 10 were accepted, Keeley said. CSOM will accept no more than 10 applicants again this year. Applications are due Dec. 1.

Years ago, CSOM stopped internal transfer applications because classes were getting too crowded. CSOM brought back the internal transfer applications last year out of a matter of fairness, Keeley said. The University admits students to CSOM via transfer admission, so in order to level the playing field, CSOM decided to also accept students from other schools at the University.

Keeley said students not in CSOM can still take advantage of a business education here at BC. Spots are reserved in all introductory management courses for all undergraduate students not in CSOM. Provided that they have completed the proper prerequisites, they are able to join these courses. Often, economics or math majors interested in business courses take financial accounting and basic finance. They are also able to take higher level management courses.

“I think it’s a nationwide anxiety about getting skills that are marketable, and we’re the easiest way to do that,” Keeley said.

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October 15, 2017