Racism Has No Home at Boston College
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Racism Has No Home at Boston College

Two “Black Lives Matter” door signs were defaced in Roncalli Hall over the weekend—a person wrote “don’t” in between “Lives” and “Matter.” This occurrence has drawn criticism from BC students, and has led some on Facebook to call for the University to take action to find and punish the perpetrator.

Regardless of its scope, it is important to call this act what it is: overt racism. There is no excuse to be made no matter the circumstances, and no downplaying of the matter should be tolerated.

Students of color have been historically underrepresented at BC, and students have an obligation to make the University a welcoming place for all. Racism is deplorable in every regard, and detrimental to the progress and diversity that makes BC a productive and successful institution.

The person who carried out this heinous crime is a coward, and should admit fault for their actions. Moving forward, it is important to remember that any instance of discrimination, from a rearranged Mod Lot sign to a bit of graffiti on a table in O’Neill Library, is representative of a larger, institutional issue that BC students, faculty, and administration alike have a responsibility to address and expel from the University community.

Featured Image by Meg Dolan / Heights Editor

October 17, 2017