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Hundreds Join ‘Walkout for Black Lives’ to Protest Racism

Hundreds gathered on the Quad Wednesday around 11:40 a.m. for a walkout rally held by Eradicate Boston College Racism in response to two racist incidents that occurred at BC over the weekend.

Students joined in chanting and sharing personal stories of their experiences with racism and discrimination. Dean of Students Thomas Mogan did not respond to a request for comment about whether the demonstration was registered.

Several media helicopters hovered overhead as students led chants of “No justice, no peace, no racism at BC!” and “Black Lives Matter!” throughout the event, which lasted about 15 minutes.

Image by Michelle Frameisen, CSOM ’20

George Boateng, MCAS ’18, asked students about what kinds of things they would want graduates to say about BC, and shared his opinions about racism on campus.

“It [racism] starts from the top,” Boateng said. “BC has failed not only its black students, but its LGBT students, and white students also.”

“You know how BC has a 10-year plan about how to make BC a better institution?” he added. “We want a 10-year plan on how to make BC a diverse, inclusive place for all of its students.”

Boateng continued to criticize the administration, which he said does not teach white students how to be empathetic and think of students who are not as privileged as them.

Howard Huang, a graduate student and member of Eradicate, shared his story next, which touched upon issues of racism, sexual assault, and discrimination on campus. He claimed people have called him racial and homophobic slurs on campus.

“How many times have we had to fight injustice that has occurred at this Jesuit institution, that in practice just sends out a short-ass email and just calls it a day?” Huang said.

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Editor

October 18, 2017