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Signs Supporting White Supremacy Appear at Starting Location of ‘Silence Is Still Violence’ March

Update, Oct. 20, 2017, 11:30 am: Boston College responded to the incident in two comments on Facebook, posting in one that “It appears an outside group, well known for such tactics, posted offensive materials to provoke controversy. We stand united in opposition to their actions and denounce all forms of hatred.” In the other, BC wrote that police are investigating and will “provide updates as soon as possible.”

Two identical signs, each with a large image of Uncle Sam and text reading “I want you to love who you are / don’t apologize for being white” were hanging on the campus map stand between Stokes Hall and Carney Hall as early as 9:30 a.m. this morning, two and a half hours before the “Silence Is Still Violence” march was due to begin at that location.

In the top right-hand corner the signs included a logo for American Renaissance, a monthly online magazine committed to promoting white supremacy according to other publications including The Washington Post. The signs were not given the stamp of approval by Boston College’s Office of Student Involvement, and one of the signs has since been removed.

The appearance of this poster comes on the tail of the wide circulation of a racist Snapchat and the vandalization of Black Lives Matter signs over the weekend. The student body has responded to these hate crimes throughout the week, organizing events such as a walk out from class on Wednesday.

Featured Image by Alec Greaney / Heights Editor

October 20, 2017

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  1. Pride in being who you are is white supremacy?? What a bunch of pansies you are at Boston College.

  2. the only HATE here is attempting to call white people and the very idea of white people defending themselves against hatred as being “white supremacy”

    that is the act of hatred as you are emphatically dehumanizing a single racial group from practicing the most fundamental of human and racial rights.

    the authors of this hate belong in a jail a cell.

  3. “dont apologize for who you are” = WHITE SUPREMACY

    I’ll take ‘why are claims of racism meaningless now’ for $500, alex.

  4. Boston College is obviously a breeding ground for anti-white hatred.
    Not apologizing for being white is obviously NOT aggressive behavior.

  5. Why is it “hate” for me to love my own people and refuse to apologize for our existence? Please explain this to me. And while you’re at it, please give us the name of the “outside group, well know for such tactics” you referred to. If Boston College and the Boston police are keeping a list of groups to be suppressed for “hate speech,” the rest of us deserve to know–especially those of us you intend to send to the re-education camps.

  6. “I want you to love who you are / don’t apologize for being white” The horror!!!!!!!

  7. The communists and neo marxists that have taken over our universities are the only “haters” in this situation. Hatred for white people and being white is a standard part of communist indoctrination and part of their divide and conquer strategy.

  8. All the racial conflict we see today is being deliberately created by the “neo-marxists” who control the media and education system. Search youtube for “KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov”, in his 1983 interview and lecture he describes everything our nation is experiencing right now as a result of a highly sophisticated program of “destabilization”. It goes in 4 stages, trying to create as much division and conflict in a society until the third stage, “Crisis” leads to either civil war of invasion. Search also for “Trevor Loudon” and his book, “The Enemies Within”, he investigated and details how the communists took over the unions and then the democratic party. The Soviet Union “fell” but International Communism, now known as the “Globalists” have been working for decades to destroy our cultural institutions from within in order to destroy the U.S. Just look around; every headline screams their success. Search, “Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism” as well to find out, “What happened to America??”

  9. Not one cent more for insane communist schools, colleges and universities! NO federal funds. NO more tax payer money. Fire and replace communist professors. Expose the twisted cultural marxism masquerading as education to the hard working tax payers who don’t realize their children are being brainwashed. All educational curriculum and professors should be chosen and overseen by the state legislature and the heads of all colleges and universities should have to be elected directly by the people of the state or local community. Then the hard working parents who pay for the educational system can make sure their kids get the a real education and not be subjected to extremists trying to radicalize their children. The professor in the article obviously has no real interest in or compassion for gays or scientific facts, but is manipulating students with her extremist cultural marxism. Radical communists shouldn’t be allowed to secretly socially engineer our children while we’re off working to pay for what we think is a real education. Schools and the entire educational system should reflect the state and local communities values and culture, not that of extreme left wing political activists. An organization should be started to achieve this. “Education by, of, and for the people”.

  10. Boston College – Have you lynched the racist perpetrators who dared to post “don’t apologize for being white” yet? I cannot go outside until I hear you have tortured , maimed and disposed of this white trash! Please hurry!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Calling Americans “white supremacists” and calling them “hateful” because they expect their Right to Survive and Thrive in their own Native Lands is the epitome of evil because what you are promoting is White Genocide, the extinction of an entire race. And for why? Because they brought civilization to the uncivilized? Well guess what, that can be reversed. All non-whites leave The West and White People will take out all the western civilization they brought to non-white countries and then non-whites won’t have to be “victimized” by “white racism” ever again.

  12. In the historical past all people lived by the laws of nature, survival of the fittest. I make no excuses for Europeans who were enslaved, fought endless wars with each other and Muslims, survived plagues etc to come to a Renaissance and a scientific culture that invented the modern world enabling several billion people to survive. The Indians were wiped out by disease brought by the Spanish but people who speak Spanish have no gripe with that. The Indians in the Caribbean were isolated and cannibalistic, the natives in North America were stone age before white men came and practiced slavery. They had no horses and no metal implements. They had warfare on a grander scale than Europe. The South American Indians sacrificed 10’s of thousands annually to make the rains come. They mutilated their enemies as did the Sioux and many other tribes who tortured those they beat in war. All this anti white baloney is a product of Marxism and pitting people against one another.

  13. Boston College should be shut down, all it’s administrators and professors fired. Colleges should be for practical education, not communist indoctrination and brainwashing. Hatred against whites is a part of communist ideology. Communists want to manipulate and control non whites so they can be exploited for political power.

  14. I’m curious: how is “being proud of your race” or “not apologizing for being white” somehow the equivalent of “hatred”?

    And you guys DO know the difference between white supremacy and white separatism/nationalism, right?

  15. This BC college rag is seriously stating those posters support white supremacy?? Uncle Sam saying “I want you to love who you are / don’t apologize for being white is offensive now?? Then u actually wonder why white nationalist groups & the ALT-right is attracting followers who are fed up w/ this nonsense. These elitist bolshevik bootlickers, far left cultural marxist alabaster apologists & their pathetic petulant perpetual victim pets are LOATHSOME. A reckoning is on the horizon.

    • The college making such a big deal about this, only helps spread the good word = backfired

  16. “Silence is still Violence”
    So, if one should choose to remain neutral, to not partake in protest, they are committing an act of violence. Therefore any leftist would be justified in delivering violence upon the neutral party. But whites loving who they are is the problem.
    Do you people realize just how insane you are?

    • Two guys staring down some people they dont like: One says, “I’m gonna go beat them with a bat, yeah!” the other says “oh yeah, i’m gonna sit here and be quiet, that’ll really show them, ha!”

      Then I guess they should both get the same punishment.

  17. Saying “dont apologize for being White” is White supremacy??!!
    Is saying “dont apologize for being Black” Black supremacy?
    Is saying “dont apologize for being Jewish” Jewish supremacy?
    If not, then the Boston College administration and The Heights are hypocrites?
    But more likely, they are simply

  18. This anti-white attitude will eventually back-fire, if they think we white people should be ashamed of our skin color…it’s already gone too far with this white privilege narrative. Time to stick up for our own racial ethnic identity.!

  19. “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being black”

    Would that be considered black supremacy? Double standard much?

  20. Communist tactic. White people don’t ever apologize for being white until blacks apologize for being murderous rapists. White is right. Black is wack. If a black attacks you then make sure you kill it.

  21. “Police are investigating and will post updates….”. What crime are they investigating?

  22. Notice in the picture, the Black Power fist poster above the Uncle Sam, literal Black Supremacy propaganda, not a problem there.

  23. Wait. Wait a minute. “Don’t apologize for being white” = “White Supremacy” now?!?! Are you telling me that the *only* way for me to avoid the accusation of being a “white supremacist” is to apologize for the color of the skin that I was born in? This is serious? White people now must be ashamed of being white simply to avoid the accusation of racism? The term “racist” just became MEANINGLESS to me.

  24. Black power fist and the red black and green flag are anti American and anti WHITE. It is truly time for all white people to realize that the genocide against whites around the world is real.

  25. Just seen this, how is the flyer racist? Particularly when there’s a flyer next to it with the black power fist which apparently is okay.

  26. Not apologizing for being white is now considered “White Supremacy”? Do other ethnic groups apologize for their ethnicity at this school? Doubt it. Sounds like Boston college is actively discriminating against white people.