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Weezer Creates Bright and Eccentric World with “Happy Hour”

In the midst of a slightly lackluster fall, California-based rock band Weezer released “Happy Hour,” a colorful song with an accompanying music video replete with parrots, oceanic scenery, and tropical foliation. The lyrics to the song are mainly nonsensical, so the strange and overwhelming video suits them perfectly. The video itself is based off one extremely detailed image filled with different lyrical references, as well as some seemingly random. For the most part, the animations depict what the lyrics are portraying, such as the reference to the “20-ton weight,” during which an actual 20-ton weight crushes the outline of a head back down into the jumbled image.

These animations bring the song to life, which is the entire purpose of a music video. At some points in the video, a hole opens in the animation, allowing the viewer to get a glimpse at real-life images such as swaying palm trees, scenes from Monty Python, and a large moon. The best aspect of the video emerges toward the end, but one must first use their imagination. The entire jumbled jungle, full of crazy scenery, sits above a body of water with a ship in it. Just before the end of the video, the ship begins to pulse, almost like a beating heart. It is then when one realizes that if the ship is supposed to be a heart, then the crazy, colorful mess sitting right above it is the mind. This use of subtle, metaphorical artistry, mixed with hidden lyrical hints, makes the video for “Happy Hour” even better than the song itself. “Happy Hour” is the fifth promotional single off of the group’s new album, Pacific Daydream.

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October 22, 2017

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