‘Eagle-Eyed’: Black Lives Matter Signs Vandalism and ‘Silence Is Still Violence’ March

On this episode…

  • Two weeks ago, multiple incidents of racism occurred on the campus of Boston College, including the vandalism of two ‘Black Lives Matter’ signs to read ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter.’ In response, students in UGBC, Eradicate BC Racism, and other groups and organizations joined together, holding three rallies last week to express solidarity for students of color at the University.
  • How this story began, 84 years ago, and students’ efforts to make this week a movement, rather than a moment.

Some additional background reading and watching…

  • We covered last week every step of the way, from our first story breaking the news of the initial vandalism to a Student Assembly resolution this week calling on BC to affirm that black lives matter.
  • Here’s our story of Monday’s relay, our story of Wednesday’s walkout, and our story of Friday’s march.
  • Our photo editors captured the ‘Silence Is Still Violence’ march start to finish. Check out their best shots here.
  • Read the administration’s initial response that frustrated some students on that Monday, and the more thorough response they sent out later in the week.
  • CBS Boston’s coverage of the Wednesday walkout, including aerial video of the crowd on the quad.
  • Our Facebook Live video of Friday’s event, showing the majority of two hours of speeches given by students, professors, and other members of the BC community.


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October 27, 2017