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Natural Imagery Transcends Electronica in Petit Biscuit’s ‘Beam’



From the beginning of Petit Biscuit’s latest music video, “Beam,” viewers can see the artist’s intent to fuse human sentiments with the endless beauty of the natural world. The 17-year-old French DJ created a song that aims to transcend typical electronic music by touching on a peaceful, expansive sound that builds over the course of the track. The music inspires an uplifting quality in its listener, which is enhanced by the beautiful aesthetics included in the video.

The visual opens on frost-toned, multi-colored peaks and valleys as far as one can see, interspersed with stunning frames of soft sunrises or sunsets, purple-twinged clouds, red fiery sparks reflecting off of blue-green air, and tall grasses swaying peacefully in the wind. A human silhouette travels across the ridiculously beautiful landscapes, standing on mountain summits and basking in the colorful light. The silhouette doesn’t stop until it reaches a huge rock formation in the shape of a human sprawled out on the ground. After jumping into the figure, the rock formation releases yellow lanterns into the purple sky like a volcano, after which point the rock formation lights up and begins to move around—its head glowing exceedingly bright.

Shortly after, the huge rock figure morphs into a larger version of the silhouette from earlier in the video, its small version nested in a partially open crevice in the silhouette’s face. With a backdrop of the night sky twinged with what appears to be the Northern Lights, the figure stands triumphant as the song’s final note rings out. The beauty of the video stems from its simplicity, as it doesn’t rely on overdone stories to propel the visual. Instead, it presents viewers with a relatively neutral stimulus, and lets the effect of the music paired with the beautiful images speak for themselves. The meditative quality of the video allows it to meander seamlessly throughout the song, which is a profound asset to both the song and its video.

Featured Image by Petit Biscuit Music

November 6, 2017