What We’re Thankful for on Thanksgiving
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What We’re Thankful for on Thanksgiving

The Heights editors share below what they’re thankful for on this Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful for the only city in the world, the tomato soup at Capo, D-list celebrities, the Waitress soundtrack, and the end of my search for a soulmate; for BIG 3, WEEE, once-a-week, The Inbetweeners, Polar seltzer, trips to Taunton and Taco Bell, and being a barely sane team throughout; for four years of Mike Gambino, Jerry York, Katie Crowley, and of course, Steve Addazio; for raising up well past hope, and Gaelic fonts; for Catamounted, Ice Age: the Meltdown, and Har-Har-Harvard; for sleeping on a Mod couch for a week; for Charlottesville and learning what it means to go to camp; for “Hiyas!” and “Oh, hellos!”; for Thanksgivings in Cape Cod and being welcomed to a new family; for Wilmer Flores walkoffs and the Carton House; for two days in Tampa and college hockey; for gazing at Moldovan food menus and getting waffles instead; for Hudl videos of blocked kicks and downfield offensive line tackles; for roommates who write, tackle mice, and see Marvel movies; for unexpected matzoh ball soup and a mutual love of Manu Ginobili; for Creative Cloud after Pops; for new WordPress sites; for the liberal agenda, and those who hold true to their beliefs; for videos about long snappers; for being true to the orange and blue, and learning that the name Michael can’t quite capture who I am; and for the fact that Heights memories can be made well beyond McElroy 113.

Michael Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief

I’m thankful for cranberry lime Polar seltzer, fire pits, people named Sydney and Michael, Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell on the same night, and BC apparel. Today, especially, I am thankful for McElroy 113 and 112, my biz boys, two wonderfully strange and exciting years, and this thing we do called The Heights.

Avita Anand, General Manager

I am thankful for the things that get me through production every Sunday night: Taylor Swift’s lyrical genius, the TSG corner, the pumpkin seeds hidden in my desk drawer (that everyone found and demolished), and the 41 editors that have served as my rock over the last 12 months.

Taylor St. Germain, Managing Editor

I am thankful for coffee, books, and right-wing politics. And Grace Gvodas and Joan Kennedy. Wouldn’t have been able to do this past year without them.

Anthony Rein, Copy Editor

I’m thankful for friends, family, and the special few I’d call both.

Alec Greaney, A1 Editor

I am thankful for :: double colons, the color pink, camouflage, Google currency conversion, AmazonFresh, ~glitter~, women, susie, tommy p., emmy, benny, Mac’s breakfast sandwich, a full night’s sleep. And as always :: i am thankful for the Adobe Suite, turtlenecks, camp, people who call me “Abigail,” my dad’s pork tenderloin, cheese curds & ranch, gold chains, the stars, Bruce’s “Rosalita,” and the Midwest.

Abigail Paulson, Creative Director

I’m thankful for the scene in a movie that I don’t think exists yet where all the living U.S. presidents have to team up to save the world and at the beginning they go around to all their respective locales to try to convince them and George W. Bush is just painting a portrait of a German Shepherd in his garage.

Connor Murphy, News Editor

I’m thankful for friends, family, food, foam, and the aging couch in The Heights office—even when there might be a mouse hiding underneath it.

Riley Overend, Sports Editor

I am thankful for people watching on long T rides. I am thankful for streetlights on a foggy night. I am thankful for black coffee, brisk fall mornings, and the sound of rain on rooftops.

Caleb Griego, Scene Editor

The three years I’ve spent working on The Heights have brought a bizarre sort of happiness and warmth into my cold, dead heart. I’m thankful for the columns, the pancakes, STET, and above all, the people I’ve met (although I will never admit it to any of them, because I have to maintain my emotionless façade at all costs).

Archer Parquette, Features Editor

I am thankful for the unending support of my friends and my family (Heights and back home), and for the small collection of plants on my windowsill that haven’t died on me yet (although one is starting to shrivel a bit … Let’s keep our fingers crossed).

Madeleine D’Angelo, Metro Editor

I’m thankful for the continual love and support of my family, all the friends I’ve made in my life, new and old, the sunsets on Upper Campus, the magic of Paul Pogba, and for anything and everything that the future may bring. Most of all, I’m thankful for my time on The Heights, the family that we’ve grown to become in McElroy 113, and the memories and experiences on this paper that I’ll cherish for a lifetime. And also Taylor St. Germain, Alec Greaney, Michael Sullivan, and Connor Murphy. The best parents, grandfather, and politically incorrect uncle anyone could ask for.

Leo Confalone, Opinions Editor

Endlessly thankful for the remix to “Ignition” and those who understand why, the basement of McElroy and all the people that have made it feel like home for the past two years, the little state an hour south and all the people in it, and for golden hour and the people that appreciate it with me. Also, thankful for the little things like cookie dough, Matt Berninger’s voice, denim jackets, ambient light, caffeine, bass lines, cameras, the dungeon of Devlin Hall. Finally, shoutout to my Adidas for making it through the semester without falling apart completely.

Julia Hopkins, Photography Editor

I’m thankful for friends that carry me, family that supports me, and my dog who is the man.

Max Roth, Online Manager

I’m thankful for my friends and family who for some reason still put up with my shenanigans, the existence of penicillin, and Krispy Kreme. I’m also thankful for the fact that my parents adopted two cats without telling me and to whom I have not yet been introduced. Gotta keep life spicy.

Steven Everett, Layout Editor

I am eternally grateful for my crazy friends and loving family, my dear home in New Jersey, the Christmas season, the Rat’s spicy peanut sauce, and sleeping in past 12.

Madison Mariani, Layout Editor

I’m thankful for my family and my friends who make my life warmer. I am also thankful for music, stars, and good food.

Meg Dolan, Graphics Editor

I’m thankful for my incredibly loving parents, dogs with soul, dancing, fishing, running, The Office, tall mountains, and “I love yous.”

Zoe Fanning, Graphics Editor

I’m thankful for my family, friends, and chapstick. I’m thankful for the greatest country in the world, Texas. I’m most thankful for the fact that my mom didn’t let me change my name to “Lizard” in the third grade.

Joan Kennedy, Associate Copy Editor

I am thankful for making music videos to Beyonce songs with my four little sisters, good books, things that make me laugh, chamomile tea, and all the kind and intelligent and spunky friends I have made this year on The Heights.

Grace Gvodas, Assistant Copy Editor

I’m thankful for the endless laughs I have with Heidi Dong. And, of course, Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow.”

Chris Russo, Associate News Editor

I’m thankful for Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping, the one and only Chris Russo, candy canes, friendly strangers with dogs, and The Heights.

Heidi Dong, Assistant News Editor

I’m thankful for Paul McCartney, J.K. Rowling, John Cleese, the Beach Boys’ Christmas album, and Snapple.

Annabel Steele, Associate Sports Editor

I’m thankful for my family and friends, as well as pretty much every sport in existence (besides poker, if that even is a sport). But most of all, I’m thankful for Sam Hinkie.

Anders Backstrom, Assistant Sports Editor

I am thankful for my family and Alissa, for the guys in the Walsh 8-man, for my friends back home, and for all of the good movies that have come out this year. I am also thankful for The Heights, for giving me friends, family, and a huge time commitment for which I don’t get paid.

Jacob Schick, Associate Scene Editor

I am forever grateful for my parents and my sister, Amelia, my best friend on this planet. I’m also thankful for writing, and for The Heights for encouraging and challenging me to develop the skill. And I’ll always appreciate inspiring classes, caffeine, long walks, and the priceless world of arts.

Isabella Dow, Assistant Scene Editor

I’m thankful for my family as always, Michael for letting me sing “Hallelujah” twice in a row in the car which is true love, Connor, who taught me what “my person” means because he is mine, the sports team, the boys who always greet me with Oh, Hello!, the light grey chair that is my favorite, the Waitress soundtrack, the ghosts of editors past that live in Vouté, the Amtrak Northeast Corridor, and Mod 36B, and everyone who has made my three years at BC feel like four.

Shannon Kelly, Assistant Features Editor

I’m thankful for my five crazy roommates who make our cramped, messy six-man feel like home.

Will Batchelor, Assistant Metro Editor

This year, I am thankful for all the good people, good food, and good photos in my life. Shout-outs to my family for their support, Walsh for keeping me entertained, The Heights, and lifelong friends I can always count on.

Amelie Trieu, Associate Photo Editor

I’m thankful for my wacky/incredibly talented family, my bad ass friends, and (especially) my dog, who’s definitely the cutest dog ever and I will fight anyone about this. I’m also grateful for the comedic genius of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon.

Lizzy Barrett, Assistant Photo Editor

I’m thankful for food videos, Fall Out Boy, and the new 280 character limit on Twitter.

Hannah McLaughlin, Social Media Manager

I’m thankful for my friends and family and for the 3 (2.6 if you want to be picky) great years I’ve had on The Heights.

Francisco Ruela, Jr., Multimedia Editor

I am thankful for my healthy body, supportive family, and The Heights for giving me opportunities to learn something new every day. Also, chocolate ice cream. Always chocolate ice cream. Always.

D.J. Recny, Executive Assistant

I am thankful for my ridiculously loving parents and my wildly compassionate friends. I am thankful for late night movie projections on our bed sheet in Walsh 410 and the city of Boston for just existing. I am also thankful for The Heights and the entire cast of Chicago for illuminating this past semester with laughter and lasting memories.

Barrette Janney, Editorial Assistant

I am thankful for my family, my friends, my dog, Kyrie Irving, Chipotle, and these past four years here at Boston College.

Jack Powers, Business Manager

I am thankful for family, for friends, and for friends who are like family (Tricias, nasty gals, rough riders). I’m thankful for Fuel lattes, the walk off campus, my oversized jean jacket that makes everything an “outfit,” Rupi Kaur memes and the people who laugh at them with me, and the entirety of Stokes South. But mostly, I’m thankful for my time on The Heights, because it introduced me to some of the best people on this campus <3.

Kelsey McGee, Outreach Coordinator

I am thankful for my planner, country music, and Chick-Fil-A. I am even more thankful for the opportunities I have been given this past year and the best family anyone could ask for.

Kipp Milone, Collections Manager

I’m thankful for my family, my friends here and at home, 50 Undine, A Tribe Called Quest, and whoever scouts wide receivers for the Steelers.

William McCarthy, Account Manager

I’m thankful for my friends and family, Aruba, Post Malone (specifically Stoney), the movie Dodgeball, and Daniel Negreanu.

Mike Rosmarin, Account Manager

I’m thankful for my family, all my friends, and Drake’s ghostwriter.

Chris Chilton, On-Campus Ads Manager

I am thankful for my loving and generous parents, goofy—but most of the time cute—sister, wild dogs and cats, and the best girlfriend in the world.

Griffin Elliott, Systems Manager

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