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BC Athletics Unveils Student-Athlete Fueling Station

As soon as Boston College Director of Athletics Martin Jarmond arrived at BC this past June, he began to assess the needs of his student athletes. Time and time again, nutritional concerns were raised. Due to their practice schedules, mandatory meetings, and course loads, student athletes reported that they often struggle to find time in their day to make it to the dining hall and grab a bite to eat. In response, the first-year AD made it his priority to come up with a solution. Seven months later, his vision became a reality.

On Monday morning, Jarmond unveiled the department’s new fueling station, located inside the student-athlete lounge on the first floor of Conte Forum. The installment—something that he had seen while working at both Michigan State and Ohio State—is designed to offer nutritional snacks and refreshments to all student athletes year-round.

The lounge is lined with refrigerators containing Powerade, water, chocolate milk, and other pre- and post-workout drinks. The main attraction, though, can be found at the center of the back wall. Sandwiched between two rows of cabinets, lies an assortment of snacks, including, but not limited to, fruit, granola bars, cereal, and trail mix. In addition, the room features a handful of tables, chairs, flat-screen televisions, and leather couches decorated with the BC logo.

Everything is accessible and within the confines of the student athletes’ training facility and home arena—just how Jarmond drew it up.

“I am a firm believer that you have to make it easy for people,” he said. “We have to make it easy for our fans to come to games. We have to make it easy for our student athletes to get the nutrition and what they need to be their best.”

Several student athletes, representing their respective teams, were in attendance for Monday morning’s announcement. Kenzie Kent—the 2016-17 ACC Athlete of the Year—spoke on their behalf. The senior described the fueling station as something that addresses a long-lasting need and will directly impact the daily lives of her fellow student athletes.

“Competing at this high level, takes a toll mentally and physically,” Kent said. “To be able to come to get a little something extra in our bodies will be a big help.”

In the grand scheme of things, the fueling station is a physical sign of the department’s growth. With the new recreation center, baseball field, and indoor practice facility still in the works, Monday’s opening, like the renovated hockey locker rooms in the fall, gave everyone a glimpse of what is to come.

“We can’t always see and feel all the good things that are happening to us under Martin’s leadership, but today’s a little different—we can see it,” head lacrosse coach Acacia Walker-Weinstein said. “This is tangible evidence of our commitment and their commitment to our student athletes and [their] success.”

Featured Image by Andy Backstrom / Heights Editor

January 22, 2018