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Janelle Monáe, Bishop Briggs, Kacey Musgraves New in Singles this Week

“Django Jane”- Janelle Monáe 



Janelle Monáe dropped hip-hop track“Django Jane” off her upcoming album, Dirty Computer, and brought sharp social commentary to clever bars. The song features Monáe’s cool, calm vocal style alongside a hazy riff and a tough beat that exudes confidence. With lyrics like, “Remember when they used to say I looked too mannish? /  Black girl magic, y’all can’t stand it,” Monáe has fans eagerly anticipating her return to her throne.

“White Flag” by Bishop Briggs



Bishop Briggs is back with her moody rock sound on “White Flag,” which matches her powerful vocals to a larger-than-life instrumental accompaniment. The dramatic,  empowering anthem raises the stakes with “Don’t you know I ain’t afraid to shed a little blood?” and “Won’t wave my white flag, no / I’d rather die than give up the fight.” The marching drum beat that accentuates the song’s momentum, while slightly repetitive, is sure to inspire resilience and determination in listeners.

“Butterflies” by Kacey Musgraves



Country sweetheart Kacey Musgraves returns with “Butterflies,” bringing pure, airy vocals and an intermittent, idyllic piano to sing about true love. On this track, Musgraves “remembers what it feels like to fly” in a relationship that’s been “stealing my heart, instead of stealing my crown,” and plays off the image of butterflies as conveying both nervousness and blossoming into a free agent. The song has a more vintage pop sound than her usual country style, but the easygoing acoustic guitar and romantic lyrics make for a perfectly pleasant listening experience.

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February 25, 2018

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