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Music Guild’s Winter Concert Displayed BC Bands

Hosted by the Music Guild and Charity Water, the Boston College Winter Showcase on Saturday night proved itself to be one of BC’s hidden gems. A free entry (with a suggested donation) into the Vandy Cabaret Room gave students a fun night and a wonderful taste of the amateur music scene within BC. Composed mostly of BC students, a total of eight groups performed a variety of music, with sounds ranging from punk and rock to jazz and R&B. Each group performed so well they made it all seem easy, and the intimate crowd present was treated to quite the show.

The night opened up with Shady Lady playing a one-track set with “Orion,” a mellow but happy track that started the night off with some fun. Shady Lady is composed of Nicole Rodger, MCAS ’19; Alex Eichler, MCAS ’20; Katie Kelleher, CSOM ’18; Caroline Rooney, MCAS ’19; Rachel Moon, MCAS ’19, and Alex Moran, MCAS ’19. The members were on stage laughing, helping to create the informal, almost familial atmosphere that would last the night.

Following them was New Scream, a lively punk band that ramped up the energy. New Scream is composed of Joe Malone, MCAS ’21, Tim Fortin, Christian McClanan, and Kyle Kane. With a sound that was both excited and messy, New Scream combined McClanan’s ardent vocals and occasional shouts with a chaotic energy, finishing its lively set with a bang.

After New Scream was one of the highlights of the evening—a great performance by Funky Giant. Funky Giant is composed of Mario Borges, MCAS ’18; Nicholas Rocchio-Giordano, MCAS ’18; Chris Vu, MCAS ’17; Matt Chilton, CSOM ’18; Moon; and Jaclyn Chan, MCAS ’18. Starting off with just some instrumental fun, this group’s part jam band, part funk sound worked very well, with Chan’s soulful R&B vocals providing the perfect tone for the group’s wavy sound.

After finishing strongly with “Me, Myself, and I” Funky Giant  made way for the next group, Common Wealth. Common Wealth is composed of Elias Masri, MCAS ’19; Stephen Porritt, MCAS ’18; Daniel Saillant, MCAS ’20; and Abby Marzec, MCAS ’18. This group’s gritty vocals and metallic beats were well executed, with a raw sound that worked into the informal atmosphere of the night well.

After Common Wealth was Phew, a group with a soulful but funky rock vibe that was supported by some great displays of individual talent and well executed solos. Phew is composed of Nicolas Sucre, MCAS ’19; Alex Wong, MCAS ’20; Eichler; Daniel Pflueger, MCAS ’20; and Jake Hermann, MCAS ’20. The group’s setlist was lively and fun, raising the energy of the growing crowd as the night got truly underway.

Up next was the prolific Little Saturday, performing at its peak. Little Saturday is composed of Eichler; Andrew Hammond, MCAS ’18; Peter Toronto, MCAS ’20; Zach Pugliares, MCAS ’19; Isaiah Rawlinson, MCAS ’18; and Zach Moelchert, MCAS ’21. The members played with a relaxed and jovial air that proved they had done this before. The crowd responded well to their high energy and the group putting on a stand-out performance. Their performance of “Running” was one of the best of the night.

After Little Saturday’s set, a few familiar faces rejoined the stage for K.C.Q., a group whose name (which stands for Kale Chicken Quinoa) was inspired BC dining. K.C.Q. is composed of Derek Cho, CSOM ’19; Luke Martin, MCAS ’21; Saillant; Pflueger; Justin Panzarino; MCAS ’20; and Hammond. This group proved to be another strong point of the night, with its jazzy beat-driven sound supported by members who seemed to be having the time of their lives. Pflueger and Panzarino had some wonderful back-and-forth playfulness between the guitar and keys respectively, made possible by the group’s largely improv style. Without any vocals, K.C.Q. simply went up, jammed, and soloed, and did so in fantastic fashion.

Continuing the improv vibe, but now with some vocals, was Amanda Bloomfield, a group with a funky and smooth style mixed with an incredible energy. Amanda Bloomfield is composed of Frank Cascone, MCAS ’18; Pugliares; Will Van Dalsem, MCAS ’18; Hammond; and John Stanco, MCAS ’18. Cascone, on drums, had many of the best fills of the night and was joined by the other members in putting on a show of impressive talent and carefree vigor. The members jumped around the stage, feeding off their own incredible chemistry and energy, putting on a show that was yet another highlight of a talent-packed night.

Rounding off the event was Oddly Sexual, an indietronica group that struggled to find its feet as it was plagued with sound complications. Oddly Sexual is composed of Liz McGovern, MCAS ’18; Ryan Bradley, MCAS ’18; and Evan Otero, MCAS ’18. Despite these problems, the group continued on in a lighthearted manner with some jokes and beatboxing, with McGovern’s wonderful vocals fitting the group’s sound perfectly and easing the night into its close.

Multi-band man Andrew Hammond summarized the Showcase during his performance in K.C.Q. when he said, mid-set, “We’re just having some fun up here.” The night was one dominated by an incredible display of not only personal talent, but also of group chemistry and wonderful showmanship. 

Featured Image by Julia Hopkins / Heights Senior Staff

February 25, 2018

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