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BC and FBI to Host Boston Conference on Cyber Security on Wednesday

Boston College and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will host the second annual Boston Conference on Cyber Security (BCCS) on Wednesday, March 7, with the goal of fostering collaboration between academics, private industry, and law enforcement to develop new methods to best prevent and respond to cyber-attacks.

BCCS 2018 is a one-day conference featuring 11 lectures, as well as panel discussions on emerging technologies, operations and enforcement, and real-life cyber and national security concerns. This year’s event will feature the Honorable Christopher A. Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as former United States Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson. Officials from several federal agencies and security firms will also be in attendance, including the National Security Agency and Raytheon.

“Our partnership with the FBI on BCCS 2018 is part of our efforts to build and strengthen the cyber security ecosystem here in the northeast region,” said Kevin Powers, director of the Cybersecurity Policy and Governance program to BC News. “Based on the overwhelming success of the inaugural conference, the FBI is very excited to partner again with Boston College.”

“With everyday [sic] that passes, cyber-attacks become more frequent, complex, and destructive, and it will take all of us working together to address the threats of tomorrow,” said FBI Boston Division Special Agent in Charge Harold H. Shaw, to BC News.

“After all, we have a lot to protect,” he said. “We live in a target-rich environment, with Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of defense contractors, start-ups, colleges and universities, many of which have renowned research and development facilities.”

Last year’s conference featured then-FBI Director James Comey. In the midst of controversy surrounding President Trump’s claim that the Obama Administration tapped his phones, and Comey’s pushback against this claim, Comey said he planned to serve the remainder of his 10-year term.

“You’re stuck with me for another six and a half years,” Comey said. He was fired by President Trump two months later, on May 9.

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March 5, 2018

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