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Tuition Set at $54,600 for 2018-19 School Year

Boston College announced Thursday that undergraduate tuition for the 2018-19 academic year will be $54,600, an increase from last year’s figure of $52,500. The total cost of attendance, including fees and room and board, will rise to $69,942, increasing 3.6 percent from the 2017-18 level.

Last year’s total cost of attendance for undergraduates was $67,488, which was also a 3.6 percent increase from the year before.

The Trustees have additionally increased the total amount of resources allocated toward financial aid to $131.3 million, a significant 8.1 percent jump from last year’s figure of $120.5 million. The total allocation of funds toward financial aid for the 2017-18 year represented a 5.1 percent increase from the year before.

Sixty-seven percent of undergraduates currently receive financial aid, with the average aid package awarded projected to reach $45,000 for 2018-19. BC is need-blind in the undergraduate admissions process. International undergraduate students, however, are required to pay full tuition.

“This budget will enable Boston College to increase financial aid for undergraduate students by $10.7 million, while maintaining our commitment to need-blind admissions and meeting the full demonstrated need of our students,” Provost and Dean of Faculties David Quigley said to BC News.

The University also announced tuition levels for graduate programs. BC Law School’s tuition is now $54,750, surpassing last year’s level of $52,640, and a full-time MBA through the Carroll School of Management is $51,200, rising from $49,230.

The Board of Trustees aims to direct its financial resources toward the University’s strategic priorities and increase its financial aid offerings, allowing for “enhanced interdisciplinary collaboration, research that addresses societal needs, and formative education,” Executive Vice President Michael Lochhead told BC News.

“We are mindful of the sacrifices that families make in order to send their children to Boston College, and make every effort to limit tuition increases in recognition of those sacrifices,” Lochhead said. “Our goal in setting tuition this year was to fund programs that enable the University to provide the best possible educational experience for our students while, at the same time, ensuring that BC remains an affordable option for families, regardless of their financial need.”

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March 16, 2018