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Boston College Dance Ensemble Dazzles at Majesty Performance

The Boston College Dance Ensemble (BCDE), a student-run organization allowing about 30 dancers the chance to perform and choreograph throughout their college years, hosted Majesty, one of its biannual performances, at Robsham Theater this weekend. All proceeds from the show were donated to the BC Campus School, which educates children ages 3 to 21 with disabilities.

The show itself was dramatic, with a comically ominous voice announcing the names of each upcoming song. First up was a performance of a set called Run the World, choreographed by The Officers, that included a fiery remix of “Waiting Game” by Banks, “Piece of Me” by Britney Spears, “Lady Powers” by Vera Blue, and “Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé” The entire Dance Ensemble donned the stage in blue leotards, and at the end a single dancer was crowned.

Next up was “Higher” by Rihanna. Choreographed by Sarah Engelberg-Nolan, MCAS ’20, and Julia Heisler, MCAS ’20, the performance featured ballet-like dancing and silky red costumes. Following was Adele’s “Best for Last,” choreographed by Olivia Hoffmann, MCAS ’18. In the program, she described why she picked the song—“Adele’s title perfectly describes my feelings about this DE show … best one for last!” “Best for Last” was a bright and fun tap dance. The dancers were clad in dark purple dresses that stood out against the bright orange backdrop. The upbeat performance was definitely one of the best of the show.

Following “Best for Last” was “Woman” by Kesha, choreographed by Gabriella Rubert, MCAS ’20. The fun and colorful performance was extremely energetic. The dancers wore red crop tops and shorts, adding more brightness to the exuberantly dizzying set.

“Sand,” by Keaton Henson, was choreographed by Isabella Gervasini, MCAS ’20. The black dresses and green background added to the serene atmosphere of the piece. The dancers were indescribably graceful in their ballet-like movements.

Juliette Swersky, MCAS ’19, choreographed “What About Us” by P!nk. The unique set featured some storytelling—at the beginning of the song, the dancers wore dreary black sweatshirts, but halfway through they flung them off to reveal colorful shirts underneath. The vibrant, colorful performance was engrossing and expertly executed. The story-like character of the song was delightful to watch.

Next up was “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs. Choreographed by seniors Katie Sweeney, MCAS ’18, and Olivia Hoffman, MCAS ’18, “Dance With Me Tonight” was a lively tap dance featuring pink and black dresses and a feature by BC Irish Dance (BCID) dancers Kellyn Berrigan, MCAS ’18; Maeve Clancy, CSOM ’20; Erin Gonzalez, MCAS ’18; Camille Homa, MCAS ’18; Lizzy Kroll, MCAS ’20; and Katie Sweeney, MCAS ’18. The dance was fun and upbeat, and the mixture of tap and Irish dancing was unique and intriguing.

Later in the show came “Dream On,” choreographed by Abby Funari, MCAS ’18. Funari did a great job at putting a graceful spin on the Aerosmith classic. The lighting was also well done, as the set opened up with the dancers’ silhouettes shining against the blue backdrop. During this performance, it was apparent that one of the dancers was trying to fly, as the others attempted to help her. It was a greatly unique take on an unexpected rock hit.

BCID performed again, this time without BCDE present. During this jazzy performance, the members were dressed in red with shiny top hats and suspenders. The swanky set showcased their incredible talent as Irish dancers, and it was evident they truly enjoyed illustrating their fun and fancy moves.

After the intermission, select dancers from BCDE performed Justin Timberlake’s classic “Sexyback.” Choreographed by Kristen Brandenburg, CSOM ’18, this performance exemplified the group’s amazing coordinational talent. Donning red leotards, the group was able to really collaborate on rhythmic moves during this crowd-pleaser.

“Slip” by Elliot Moss was choreographed by Madeline Jenkins, MCAS ’20. The calm performance featured interesting movements that flowed along with the unexpected rhythm of the song. The black-and-white costumes, mixed with the sleek dancing, made this performance one of the highlights of the night.

One of the last performances was “Can’t Be Tamed” by Miley Cyrus featuring Lil Jon, choreographed by Jenny Keenan, MCAS ’19. The dance featured amazing and skillful flips and cartwheels. Second to last was the Senior Dance, choreographed by the Class of 2018. The seniors wore blue leotards with yellow capes and danced throughout the audience in preparation for the finale, “Majesty.”

BCDE’s Majesty was an extremely successful performance—it was able to raise money for a great cause and showcase the immense talent housed at BC.

Featured Image by Katie Genirs / Photo Editor

March 18, 2018

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