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Lackluster “Most People Are Good” Attempts Inspiration



Luke Bryan’s new video for his hit single “Most People Are Good” is meant to be uplifting, and for the most part, it is. While the song itself is inspirational, the video is downright low-quality. Bryan stands in a mysterious space surrounded by large video panels showcasing different snippets of ordinary, compassionate people such as firefighters in the California wildfires, families, and children running through fields. In some instances, they even step out of the screens to join Bryan as he sings about their virtue. The song itself is so much better than the video—the lyrics are heartwarming and clever, much-needed facets in this day and age.

The touching words deserve a better video. “I believe most people are good / and most Mamas ought to qualify for sainthood” is a sweet line, but panning a video screen with a picture of a mother and daughter on it doesn’t really do the words justice. The video could be improved in simple ways—instead of showing seemingly random pictures and videos of families, it could use more issues our country deals with today. One of the best scenes of the video included the California fires and the firemen who worked to tame them—there are so many other people who are unsung heroes in this world, from teachers in classrooms to the students who are taking a stand on gun control in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Artists are not obligated to address political issues in their music, by any means. But when an artist records a song called “Most People Are Good” it has implications, and those are not confronted in the video. With all the modern technology we utilize today, this music video seems outdated. By the looks of it, this could have been made in a few hours.

Featured Image by Capital Records Nashville

March 18, 2018