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Solid Singles from Snail Mail, Anderson .Paak, and serpentwithfeet

“Pristine” – Snail Mail



Maryland suburbanite Lindsey Jordan, on her current project, Snail Mail, takes the beauty (and exasperation) from adolescence and transcribes it into fearless, guitar-driven anthems. With one EP under its belt, Snail Mail plans to release its debut album Lush this summer, and leading the way is Snail Mail’s recent single, “Pristine.” In the song, Jordan muses over adolescent love, coming to terms with oneself, and the monotony of life. “Pristine” opens up with the strumming of a slightly distorted, syncopated guitar progression and builds into the marquee hook featuring Jordan’s earnestness asking, “Don’t you like me for me? / Is there any better feeling than coming clean?” Jordan’s response to an unrequited love, similar to her response to pretty much everything else, is a search for the authentic. In the outro, she muses, “I could be anyone / But I’m so entwined.” The expressiveness of Jordan’s unique voice relies on her ability to sound so weary and yet so youthful. “Pristine” is like one long, pensive sigh you had when you were younger. Lindsey Jordan’s music is so sobering because it takes you back to the first time you really asked yourself, “what the hell is going on?”

“Til It’s Over” – Anderson .Paak



Anderson .Paak’s latest song since releasing Yes Lawd! With Knxwledge in 2016, “Til It’s Over,” is a deliberation on love that can’t last, from the most passionate moments to the idleness in-between. Featuring .Paak’s classically effortless refinement and wordplay, “Til It’s Over” envelops you in warm synths and up-tempo drum patterns—all building up to a spectacular breakdown that .Paak realizes is unconventional when he points out, “and don’t all this new music sound the same?”

“bless ur heart” – serpentwithfeet



The lead single from the avant-garde vocalist’s debut album soil, set to arrive June 6, “bless ur heart” features the unmatchable voice of Josiah Wise exploring mesmerizing melodies over a wide range of aural space. “bless ur heart” is hypnotic in its delivery, culminating in a multi-layered hook that’s quick but incredibly effective.

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March 25, 2018