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Daddy Issues, Baby!, and More Perform at WZBC Concert

In the midst of last week’s spring fever, WZBC 90.3 FM presented Daddy Issues, Baby!, and Funeral Advantage at the Great Scott in Allston. All three bands were some sort of alternative or indie rock.

The show started off with Funeral Advantage, a five-person Boston-based rock group starring Tyler Kershaw, who looks like a cross between Walter White and Steve Jobs. His singing was very monotonous, without much fervor or emotion. It was difficult to hear what he was even singing, however, he clarified the issue a few songs into the set.

“I’m very sick, I lost my voice this morning,” Kershaw said. “I’m trying very hard not to throw up right now.” This caused the crowd to erupt in applause. Eventually, he broke into some interesting dance moves, but for most of the set he was stationary.

Funeral Advantage was established in 2013 and has released one studio album called Body is Dead and two EPs, Demo and Please Help Me. Their music is available on Bandcamp.

The next performance was by Baby!, kind of like Jeb! but with eyeliner—and a little more hipster and angsty. The lead singer is Florida native Haley Honeycutt, whose voice was soft at some points, but at others, it sounded like controlled screeching. The three-person band had a bass-heavy sound that made the floor vibrate. Honeycutt was calm, cool, and collected while onstage. She steadily played the guitar as the drafty winds blew right onto the stage every time the door opened.

Baby!’s music is available on Bandcamp and Spotify. The band plays frequent shows in the Boston area.

Last but not least was Daddy Issues, a three-piece girl band from Nashville with an Indie-meets-angsty sound. There were two vocalists, Jenna Moynihan and Jenna Mitchell, both of which had strong voices. Emily Maxwell, the band’s drummer, proved to be extremely talented. They were sure to include more of a context surrounding their songs, including one about sexual abuse.

Jenna Moynihan introduced the song, which is of heavy relevance in this day and age, in the middle of the set. “You shouldn’t be second to anybody,” she said. “Don’t take shit from anybody.”

Out of the three bands, Daddy Issues clearly had the most devoted following. Many people were crowding towards the stage and taking Snapchat videos of the performance. A fair number of people knew the words to their songs.

Daddy Issues developed this following their performance at South by Southwest in 2015. Earlier that year, their single “Ugly When I Cry” generated almost 300,000 plays on Soundcloud. That same year they released their first album, Can We Still Hang, and in 2017, they released Deep Dream.

Featured Image by Kate Klein / Heights Staff

April 4, 2018