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Making Marathon Monday Musical

Well, it’s that time of year again. It’s spring (not really, though)—the sun is shining, flowers are blooming (any day now, right?), and everyone is preparing for the Boston Marathon. Students across Boston are planning their coordinated T-shirts, which Mod parties to go to, and how early they’ll wake up to start celebrating. That guy who walks his dog down College Road every morning has pulled his Boston Strong shirt out from the back of his drawer and wears it proudly, without a jacket on top, because even though it’s currently 31 degrees outside, it’s April, for God’s sake. I’ve noticed that people up here have stopped wearing winter gear since spring started, no matter how cold it is. Wearing shorts when there’s a high of 42 degrees? No problem. A sundress even though snow flurries are in the forecast? I’ve seen it happen this week. And running around the Res to make up for the weeks in January when you did not leave the warmth of your bed at all? It’s something we should all be doing. Runners who have been training hard for months are flying in from all over the country to compete. Some people are running for charity, some to carry on the tradition, others to beat their own records. Last year, nearly 30,000 people ran the marathon.

If you’re planning on getting outside and running in anticipation of Marathon Monday and the impending warm weather, you’ll need some serious motivation—especially since it’s not necessarily springtime yet, weatherwise at least. This compilation of songs both old and new should give you an incentive to get running, and keep going for awhile—until the playlist is over, at least.

“Born to Run”- Bruce Springsteen

Who other to get you motivated to run than The Boss? Judging by the name of the

song, it was basically written for people like you going out for a brisk jog. Just think

about the first line of the song, “At night we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream”—come on, that’s perfect for your situation. It’s totally relatable. 2. 

“Eye of the Tiger” – Survivor

This one needs no explanation. I’m pretty sure it’s been played at every sporting event or weirdly intense workout class I’ve ever been to.

“The Champion”- Carrie Underwood ft. Ludacris

This new song is hardly country. The lyrics will definitely make you feel like you’ll win the Boston Marathon by a long shot. No need to train, right? Just let the sound of Underwood’s and Ludacris’s voices carry you all the way to the finish line.

“Fireball”- Pitbull ft. John Ryan

There isn’t one person on this planet who dislikes this song. If they say they do, they’re lying. Anything that Pitbull releases is perfect for running, but something about this song’s lively percussion makes it even more amazing.

“Lose Yourself”- Eminem

This song is a classic for anything, including working out. It’s perfect for angry running, when you just need to stomp really hard and sprint really fast. Eminem definitely wrote this song about running—“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy” can’t be about anything except for running, am I right? You never know, you might just lose yourself in the run.

“Don’t Stop”- Fleetwood Mac

You tell yourself that once you make it past the little house on the east end of reservoir, you’ll take a little breather. Don’t fool yourself, we all know once you start walking you’ll never pick up speed again. Lindsey Buckingham will never fail you—just listen to “Don’t Stop,” and inevitably, you won’t. You’ll actually start running even faster because that’s just the power of Fleetwood Mac.

“Danger Zone”- Kenny Loggins

This song is on here because nobody wants to run if they feel lazy. “Danger Zone” makes you feel like a total badass. If you keep on running, you’ll look like one too.

“Renegades” – X Ambassadors

“Renegades” has the perfect beat to incorporate into your run. Perfect for a warm up

or cool down, it’s not a full-on sprint kind of song but it is a great middle ground.

“Under Pressure”- Queen

Good for a light jog to clear your mind, “Under Pressure” is an ’80s classic with a great rhythm, making it perfect for some running. Listen to it when you get emotional about the fact that the shirtless hockey player has already passed you twice, and you’re struggling just to finish your first lap (I’m not speaking from experience or anything).

“Carry On Wayward Son”- Kansas

There is not one thing about this song that isn’t perfect for that fork in the road by the Res where you can decide to loop around again or take the shortcut back to Lower. It’s like Kansas is singing right to you. Keep going, because nothing tastes as good as fitness feels.

Featured Graphic by Nicole Chan / Graphics Editor

April 8, 2018