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Dining Services Updates Its Offerings for the Fall Semester

As the fall semester approaches, Boston College Dining Services has made additions to its menus across all dining halls to both expand offerings and to better incorporate special dietary restrictions for students, spanning a wide array of foods and locations. Most notable among those changes is late night dining on Lower Campus moving from the first floor of Lower dining upstairs to Addie’s, but changes will not be limited to offerings on Lower Campus.

“Our team has some great plans for the Fall that we are excited to share,” Beth Emery, director of BC Dining, said in an email.

There will be numerous campus-wide offerings new for 2018 across all dining locations. Where most steak and cheese sandwiches are sold, Plantfare Protein Shreds will be available. Country Crock cooking spreads will replace the previously used ones from Earthbalance in kitchens on campus, and the fried rice will now be gluten free, since the sauce will be changed from Sesame Ginger to General Gao’s. In addition, a gluten free wrap will be available on deli lines if requested.

Grateful Burger will have a greater presence in dining halls as well. Its Veggie Lux burger and a chicken thigh burger will be offered wherever burgers are—the chicken burger will replace turkey burgers.

On the dairy side, Fairlife Lactose Free Milk will be available in regular and chocolate flavors as single serve items. Individual packets of vegan cream cheese and Sunbutter will also be available.

BC GET will see major increases in availability across multiple dining halls this semester, including at Addie’s, Stuart, McElroy, and continued service from Hillside. At Addie’s, Stuart, and McElroy, dining bucks or flex dining plans will be available to use on the app.

Stuart will see the introduction of its reusable container program and the newly-opened Legal Grounds, which is replacing Eagle Mart. Legal Grounds will serve Starbucks coffee, cold brew, and specialty espresso drinks. Flatbread pizza will also be available, inspired, according to Emery, by the ones made at Blaze Pizza. Students will be able to create their own flatbread or choose from options “named after Newton Campus landmarks,” Emery wrote. In addition, a homemade biscotti will be made available from BC Bakery at the new location.

Some international cuisine styles will be added to Stuart’s arsenal as well. Twice a week, a “global infused Self Service Rice station” will be available at dinner—the station will be called the World Flavor Rice Station at Stuart—according to Emery. A Mediterranean Grill station will also be available, but only during lunch. Flatbread sandwiches will be the spot’s primary feature.

Finally, a Blended station will be added to the hall, where “Smoothies, Smoothie Bowls, and Assorted Shakes” will be offered on a weekly rotation according to Emery. A vegan option will be included.

McElroy won’t see quite as many additions to its repertoire, but the Carney Dining Room will have new salad bars and “amended recipes to better meet the needs of students with allergies and vegetarians,” Emery wrote. Sushi will be tested in the fall as well. CoRo Cafe has been renovated over the summer—new pizza options and a newly introduced “Mac your own” mac and cheese option will be featured.

The Eagles’ Nest will only see one update specific to its offerings: New toppings for grains and bowls will be available.

Hillside will add two new sandwiches to its menu: A Pesto Chicken Salad sandwich and an Avocado Egg Salad sandwich. The signature sandwiches—Chestnut HIll, Back Bay, and the North End—will all return, as well as freshly made cookies and brownie bites from BC Bakery. For dinner, hot subs will be offered on Mondays, barbecue on Tuesdays, breakfast for dinner on Wednesdays, and chicken wings on Thursdays.

The Chocolate Bar in Stokes will now feature two new flatbread sandwiches: One will be turkey while the other will be a sausage, egg, and cheddar flatbread. A sausage and cheddar cheese mini quiche will be tested in the fall, and a cafe Italian breakfast sandwich will also be made available.

Lastly, Lyons Hall will feature new Grab N Go offerings, including a FRESH to Table black bean popper, a protein shake, and a fluffernutter club with Nutella.

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August 18, 2018