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Liam Payne, Florida Georgia Line, and More in New Singles this Week

“Sittin’ Pretty” by Florida Georgia Line



Country powerhouse duo Florida Georgia Line is no stranger to an easy hit. It seems like the group could release an auto-tuned rendition of a grocery list, and it would still be the top song on country radio for weeks to come. The band’s newest release,“Sittin’ Pretty,” is by no means a good song. In fact, it hardly deserves three stars. However, compared to Florida Georgia Line’s current repertoire filled with fake twangs and nothing but vapid redneck imagery, “Pretty” is an outstanding song. It has a cyclical, rolling cadence that is both soothing and buoyant. The song was released shortly after Bebe Rexha’s “Meant to Be,” which featured Florida Georgia Line, broke the record for amount of time at number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Hopefully the combination of the two foreshadows an increase in quality of the popular duo’s future releases.

“Home With You” by Liam Payne 



Following the disintegration of One Direction, Liam Payne released a handful of catchy, solid pop songs that dominated radio airwaves. However successful his previous singles were, his latest release, “Home With You,” is mediocre at best. The song has a repetitive cadence that can easily be confused with any other subpar pop song released this summer, and the lyrics are mundane and meaningless. A repeated metaphor about cooks in a kitchen punctuates the song, and makes it just as confusing as it is dull and unoriginal. Without a doubt, “Home With You” will likely soar to the top of the charts—but by no means does that make it a high quality song.

“Call Your Mama” by Seth Ennis featuring Little Big Town 



In an incredibly sweet new tune, country newcomer Seth Ennis reminisces on his relationship with his mother and evokes a warm and fuzzy sensation in the listener through peaceful, soothing melodies and upbeat guitar. Little Big Town joins in with its famously flawless harmonies in the song’s chorus, making for a beautifully tranquil and emotional track.

Featured Image by Big Machine Records

September 2, 2018