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New Singles from Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood, Khalid

“Mariners Apartment Complex” – Lana Del Rey Stars



Indie powerhouse Lana Del Rey’s dreamy, old-Hollywood aesthetic collides easily with a soothing backdrop of piano and the gentle twang of country-influenced guitar stylings and her signature languid vocals on “Mariners Apartment Complex,” her first single since 2017’s Lust For Life. It comes as the first single off of her highly anticipated 2019 album. Her carefully cultivated image of feminine mystique and an air of sadness is often so tied into her music, it is hard to separate the two.

“Mariners Apartment Complex” stands out and builds off of the power of her 2017 album by its simplicity. The track is not overproduced, allowing her powerful lyrics to shine. In the first line, “You took my sadness out of context,” Del Rey reminds us that she is strong and powerful, and that her kindness should not be mistaken for weakness. The image hearkens back to the sea, and she repeats the phrase “I’m your man,” a perfect summary of her message to a lover.

“Livin on a Dream” (feat. Nipsey Hussle) – The Neighbourhood



In a fresh new take on its usual moody feel, the Neighbourhood’s frontman Jesse Rutherford explores his rapping chops before allowing rapper Nipsey Hussle take the lead on this heavily produced, dreamy track. With soulful lyrics over bright, high-pitched backup vocals, Hussle and Rutherford capture the essence of youth and the struggle for success over a laid-back beat.

“Better” by Khalid 



The 20-year-old R&B star from El Paso, Texas offers his unique, deep vocals, layered with a low-energy beat, crisp harmonies, and a 30-second electronic riff that blurs Khalid’s effortless talent with autotune in a surprisingly seamless way. The track is incredibly relaxing to listen to, if a bit repetitive.

Featured Image by Interscope Records

September 16, 2018