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Brett Eldredge Sings of Puppy Love in New Video



This music video review is a shameless and base plug for a cute video featuring one oh so very good boy, Edgar. Edgar is country singer Brett Eldredge’s dog. Yes, sure, Eldredge has released a new music video for the song “Love Someone.” And yes, this music video is from the song off Eldredge’s self-titled 2017 album. And sure, there is already a music video for Eldredge’s “Love Someone.” But this is one is the Edgar Cut. Which makes it way better than any other video that Eldredge might have released for the song earlier.

In the Edgar Cut of “Love Someone,” Eldredge sings the lyrics to his clearly romantic song. “Cause when I wake up in the middle of the night / You’re holding me so tight / Take whole of me, my oh my / Sure feels good to love someone / When you laugh at the way I dance / When you smile when you hold my hand / I look at you and I understand / Sure feels good to love someone.” But, instead of a woman, Eldredge sings it to his dog, Edgar.

And this is where the conceit of the video lies. Edgar is so cute, and so is this video. Throughout “Love Someone” (The Edgar Cut), Edgar and Eldredge enact various romantic situations played for comedy and adorability (new word?). The dynamic duo ride on a motorcycle—with Edgar situated safely in a sidecar complete with riding goggles. They share a romantic dinner in candlelight—Eldredge drinks wine from a glass while Edgar gets to lap up his water from an ornate dog dish. They cuddle together on the couch, wrapped up in blankets, while they watch television. At one point Edgar’s paw reaches over to rest on Eldredge’s hand.

This music video is all fluff. There’s little to no substance. But that doesn’t matter in the slightest. This video is happy and cheerful—it’s fun to watch. Meeting this video on its own terms—a video that doesn’t ask (or want) any analysis— allows one to enjoy it for what it is. This video is the cotton candy of music videos. It’s nice to look at and it tastes sweet, but there’s nothing to really sink your teeth into. And that’s okay.

Featured Image by Atlantic Records

September 23, 2018