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Student-Run Food Delivery App Expands to Addie’s

BC GET is expanding its offerings of food pickup and delivery services: Students were able to pre-order food and drinks out of Addie’s at the Loft starting Thursday, and delivery will soon be available out of Addie’s as well.

“We’re … really excited about starting to open in Addie’s, and we think that that’s a really good place to start our introduction into the main dining halls,” said J.B. Bruggeman, founder of the student-run delivery service and CSOM ’19.

GET Pickup has previously been available in Hillside, CoRo Cafe, and—as of this semester—the new Legal Grounds Cafe on Newton Campus.

“We’re excited about exploring the prospect of bringing GET Delivery to Newton as well,” Bruggeman said. “We value the law students and freshmen who are living there and want to bring the sense of community that GET has to their location.”

In addition to pickups, GET delivery services have been available out of Hillside all semester, and earlier this month they were reintroduced to CoRo Cafe, where they run seven days a week.

As of Sept. 21, 827 total deliveries have been completed since GET first launched its delivery services in January. Thirty-seven unique “GETers” have delivered orders to over 300 unique customers, and orders have shown a 6 percent week-over-week growth. Rubenstein, the Mods, and Ignacio Hall are the most popular destinations for delivery, according to Bruggeman.

“GET Delivery is focused on getting food to anywhere students are across campus—it leaves the dining halls in the past and is the future of eating on campus,” Bruggeman said.

Featured Image Courtesy of BC GET

September 30, 2018