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Transviolet Releases Purple-Doused “Small Victory” Video



L.A.-based pop band Transviolet injects retro bowling alley nostalgia into its new music video for “Small Victory” from its latest album, Valley, and that theme is what makes this music video so fun to watch.

It opens with a comical trash-talking skit between the band and the opposing team, which includes lines like “We’re gonna leave you dorks in the gutter” and “Yeah right … losers.” Once the song starts, the band begins showing off synchronized dance moves that are somehow simultaneously awkward and style.

It wears matching purple tracksuits, which complement the neon purple lights of the bowling alley to fit the overall color scheme of the video.

Sarah McTaggart’s voice is unique and nuanced. She sings of how life is tough and everyone just needs a little boost: “I just need a small victory / A silver line to get me by.” The song is upbeat, catchy, and fluid. There’s a pitch-shifted vocal sample that begins the song and appears later, and it has a cool room reverb effect.

At the end, the band says it only needs one more pin to win the match, which it gets on the next shot. After the song ends, though, the video cuts to the other team, who says, “We won right?” “Yeah, all they did was just dance.”

Featured Image by Epic Records

September 30, 2018