UGBC Fills Open Seats Following Delay in Elections
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UGBC Fills Open Seats Following Delay in Elections

After a technical hiccup delayed the elections, this year’s Undergraduate Government of Boston College elections for Student Assembly (SA) filled nine open seats—four first-year positions, three senior class positions, and two miscellaneous positions.

Last year, there were no special elections to fill open seats, unlike this year. Five positions were filled by a combination of juniors and seniors.

There were 14 first-year senator candidates that ran in the first-year election. Fifteen first-year senator candidates ran last year.

This year, 10 of the candidates were from the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences and three from the Carroll School of Management. Seven hundred thirty-eight freshmen voted in the elections this year, a decrease from the 1,140 freshmen who voted in the first-year senator elections last year, despite the increase in open positions.

In total, 24 candidates ran for a spot in the SA this fall.

The newly elected positions include the new Class of 2022 senators: Douglas Baker, MCAS ’22; Leonardo Escobar, MCAS ’22; Caitlin Hearty, MCAS ’22; and Grace Assogba, MCAS ’22.

There are three new Class of 2019 senators: Seungjoo Yi, MCAS ’19; Cameron Mayer, CSOM ’19; and Kyle Garrett, CSOM ’19.

Jessica Andrade MCAS ’21, will serve as the new academic/pre-professional organizations senator. Grace Hewitt, MCAS ’21, will serve as an at-large senator.

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September 30, 2018
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