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Feng Shui Joins Cleveland Circle, Bringing Fresh Sushi and Dumplings

On Monday night, hungry guests gathered at 1926 Beacon St. to celebrate the grand opening of Cleveland Circle’s newest addition: Feng Shui Sushi & Dumplings.

Mouths watered as staff carried steaming bamboo baskets into the dining room, lifting the lids which dripped with condensation to reveal freshly prepared dumplings. A delicate layer of hand rolled dough, carefully pinched together at the edges, encased each dumpling’s juicy insides, teasing the hungry eyes that closely followed the baskets from the kitchen to the table.

But the dumplings were just the beginning. Soon the table was filled with plates, ranging from spicy tuna rolls and crab rangoon to fried chicken wings and boneless spare ribs. Next came flaky beef pancakes, egg rolls, gyoza, and coconut shrimp.

“It’s a very big menu, and that is intentional,” said Frank Zhang, Feng Shui’s vice president. “We want to make sure that there is something for everyone.”

Since opening its first location in 2005, Feng Shui has expanded to five restaurants scattered throughout Massachusetts, with Cleveland Circle being its first location within city limits. Plans are currently underway for a sixth restaurant in Burlington, which is expected to open sometime this summer.

But Feng Shui emerged from humble beginnings.

“When I came to this country in 1990, I only had two suitcases,” said founder Steven Dong. “At that time, in the Chinese community the easiest way to find a job was to go to a restaurant. That is how I started, I moved from a being dishwasher, to cutting the vegetables, to managing a restaurant, to co-owning Feng Shui,” he said.

After initial success, Steven quickly realized that he could do more, and moved to upscale.

“We wanted to change the way people think about chinese restaurants,” he said.

Feng Shui serves traditional, homestyle Chinese and Japanese dishes.

“We brought in food that we grew up eating in China, and our menu really reflects the food that is in the Chinese market today,” Zhang said.

What makes Feng Shui’s food standout is not simply taste, but rather its dedication to constantly updating its menu with original, innovative dishes.

Each location features subtle differences in its menus, and specialize in a unique dish. The Cleveland Circle location specializes in dumplings and bao.

“It is a very popular, very basic, very common dish, pretty much your everyday food in China,” Zhang said.

Among those in attendance were State Representative Kevin Hogan, City Councilor Mark Ciommo, and  Boston College Police Department Chief Bill Evans. Due to a last minute commitment in West Roxbury, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, BC ’09, was not in attendance, but Warren O’Leary, a representative from the Mayor’s Office, took his place.

“It gives me great honor to be here today and welcome you to our neighborhood,” said Ciommo. “We have seen a renaissance in Cleveland Circle just over the last few years, and you add so much vigor and vitality to our community”

In addition to its diverse menu, Feng Shui has a liquor license, and offers a wide variety of wine, beer, sake, baiji, and other drinks. The restaurant is open for dine-in or delivery from Sunday to Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. and Friday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.

“We adapt to the needs of the local community, and can’t wait to serve BC,” Zhang added. “When you get bored with cafeteria food, come here.”

Featured Image Courtesy of Feng Shui Sushi & Dumplings

October 3, 2018