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Gabbie Hanna Debuts Spooky “Monster (Reborn)” Video

Just in time for spooky season is Gabbie Hanna’s new music video, which stretches across two of her songs, “Monster” and “Monster (Reborn),” linking them together. While this makes sense given the plot of the music video, it does pad the runtime a bit too much. Coming in at 5:14, “Monster / Monster (Reborn)” is a pretty long video. By the three-minute mark, viewers will likely be tired of the story, and of the song.

Hanna’s music video is the modern and half-hearted answer to a “Thriller”-style project. It’s just not even close to the same level in quality. Audiences watch Hanna as she sits on the ground in the woods striking matches. Suddenly, a little girl runs by. Hanna runs after her in concern, as the girl disappears inside a creepy house. Spliced throughout are shots of Hanna in a room scream-singing the lyrics to the song, as well as shots of a large fire.

Hanna explores the house and peruses objects in the rooms, such as pictures and a large teddy bear. She finally finds the child in bed and leans down to check on her. Hanna steps back, revealing a bloody wound on her chest, and the camera cuts back to the girl, who has now transformed into some sort of monster.

At this point, the shots of fire begin to make sense. Hanna is shown spreading gasoline around and lighting the house on fire, presumably killing the child-monster in the process.

In the “Monster (Reborn)” section of the video, Hanna sits alone in the burned shell of the house. She douses herself in gasoline and, as the song ends, the video cuts to black, and we hear the woosh of her self-immolation. She does this, as the video suggests, to stop herself from becoming a monster too.

Featured Image by Snow Story Productions

October 28, 2018