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“The Greatest Show” and More in New Singles This Week

Panic! At the Disco “The Greatest Show”

Brendon Urie, lead vocalist for the band Panic! At the Disco, is at his strongest with his newest song “The Greatest Show,” which is actually a re-release from the popular film The Greatest Showman, which was released last holiday season. It’s a vivacious and lively piece, featuring a bombastic choir and energizing drums. The style is more in line with some of Urie’s more recent works, such as the popular single “High Hopes,” and moves away from his earlier works, which were more brooding in nature, but it’s a good change for the artist. The catchy hooks and beats that he seems to revel in now may even land him in the mainstream, and possibly on the radio, but that is yet to be seen. Overall, “The Greatest Show” is a solid single that should draw in new fans for the band, and it’s another good addition to Urie’s already stellar resume of songs.

Troye Sivan “Somebody to Love”

This one’s another remake, this time of the classic Queen song “Somebody to Love” by the pop artist Troye Sivan. Sivan certainly puts his own spin on the song, using autotuned backup vocals along with an eerie soundscape and synth. It really is a very different imagining of the song, and some may disapprove of tinkering with a classic like this, but Sivan does a good job putting his own spin on things.  

Olly Murs “Mark on My Heart”

Olly Murs has been relatively absent from the mainstream scene for the past few years, but he hopes to break back into those top streaming and radio spots with his newest single “Mark on My Heart.” The song isn’t a large departure from Murs’ previous work, but it does the job as a bubbly pop ballad, with catchy piano chords and muted trumpets during the chorus, backing up Murs’ solid lyrics and vocals. It’s good stuff from the artist—hopefully he manages to continue in this vein for a while.

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November 4, 2018