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Little Moments Shares Fleeting Beauty Through Photographs

Nestled in the Carney Art Gallery, Little Moments is a photo exhibition by Amy Yang, CSOM ’20, that documents fleeting moments that she wants to forever capture in time with her camera.

Sponsored by the Boston College Office of the Arts Council and Office of Student Involvement, the exhibit features eclectic photographs from all over the world, with different types of subjects and different scenes. Yang’s intention to preserve the beauty of the images unites the differences in the photographs, which follow the photographer’s experiences and showcase her perspective. In the exhibit, titled very simply, Yang lets the photography speak for itself as she shows both small and large scenes that transport the viewer along with her.

Yang photographed many location-based scenes, bringing back her experiences at these locations through her photographs. “Falls” shows the Niagara Falls at night, stunning in its natural beauty. The lights color the falls an ethereal purple hue in the dark of the night. The nature of the landscape contrasts with the urban scene in the background, showing the coexistence of nature with modernity.

“Spiral” shows a spiral staircase, taken from above. The photo shows the interesting pattern of the spiral, and upon further inspection, the detail and the intricacy of the design of the staircase itself surfaces. With the perspective from which the photo was taken, the individual stairs gradually get smaller the farther they get, creating an interesting aesthetic as the viewer’s eyes follow the staircase down.

“Distance” shows an idyllic Venetian corner, taken along a canal near a small bridge. Along the canal, small boats are neatly lined up one in front of another, leading the viewer’s gaze further off into the distance. Buildings along the path overlap with each other, creating a complex, layered effect that leaves the viewer wondering what lies beyond.

Besides location-based scenes of grandeur, Yang also photographed more intimate subjects. “Branch” is a photograph of a singular branch with blooming flowers. Just seeing the photo, the viewer can almost feel the breath of spring and the scent of the flowers.

Similarly, “Green” shows a luscious green tree as its main subject. The photo radiates health and energy from the strong tree in its prime. The green grass and smaller bushes to the side of the photo only highlight the strong presence of the tree and the life it represents.

Little Moments is a way for Yang to remember and share the instances in which she has experienced beauty in the world, both large and small, and bring a bit of the outside world back into the BC bubble.

Featured Image by Katie Genirs / Heights Editor

November 11, 2018