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Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, The Heights editors express their gratitude:


I am thankful to have had almost too much of this very good thing.

Connor Murphy, Editor-in-Chief


I’m thankful for an incredibly loving family that has always supported me. I’m thankful for the best roommates I could ask for and the friends who really mean it when they say “how are you?” I’m thankful for Rubik’s cubes, the movie Dodgeball, Super Smash Bros., and of course, I’m thankful for the unforgettable experience that this crazy newspaper has given me.

Mike Rosmarin, General Manager


Honestly, I’m just thankful that I can eat an entire pint of chocolate ice cream in the office with no judgement. And beer. Love beer.

Donovan Recny, Managing Editor


I’m thankful for the friends who’ve turned into family these past four years, my carefully regulated nicotine regimen, Spotify Premium, Ramen, the hamster (Snowball) that was gifted to me, punctual UberEats, and everyone I’ve had the honor of making this paper with.

Heidi Dong, Investigative Editor


I’m still thankful for Krispy Kreme, perhaps even more so than I was last year and enough for it to receive its own sentence. I’m incredibly thankful for all of the dedicated and fantastic people who spend way too much time on a paper and everyone who indulges my oft-found obsession with it. Also Spotify Premium, which includes both Hulu AND Showtime, if you didn’t know (not a paid post).

Steven Everett, Creative Director


I’m thankful for everybody in The Heights newsroom reminding me on a daily basis that my takes on food, sports, pop culture, and pretty much anything else are absolutely horrendous. I’m thankful for my family and friends because I’m still confused about how I ended up with family or friends. In a related story I’m thankful for science, because the best explanation for those things so far have come from the mythical being that is “science,” pronounced si-en-say. I’m thankful for Gator needing his gat, glass cases of emotion, Talladega Nights, Talladega Superspeedway, anybody with the last name Johnson, this stupid city that decided a grid system or any other form of organization would be too smart for it, and Star Wars Colon The Last Jedi. Also, that moment in The LEGO Batman Movie when a dude says “I love you more than my kids,” to noted superhero LEGO Batman, and Lego Batman replies, “Me too, bro.”

Jack Goldman, News Editor


Not only am I thankful for my family and friends (#supportthehomies), but I’m also thankful for The Heights, the year 2008, Larry Fitzgerald, the Interstellar Soundtrack, motivational videos on YouTube, 115-pound football, my ACLs, everything BC football, and The Process—always Trust The Process: John 3:16.

Andy Backstrom, Sports Editor


I’m thankful for my family and friends and for those who are one and the same. I’m thankful for the opportunities afforded to me by my parents, especially being so lucky to come to this school. I’m thankful for The Heights, the cult-like club on campus filled with the people (whom I love) who mostly tolerate my old music and my amazing takes on movies. And I’m thankful for you, the few people who read this. You make all of this worth it, even when you send me hate mail.

Jacob Schick, Arts Editor


Fried potatoes, baked potatoes, twice baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes, potatoes au gratin, potato salad, potato skins, grilled potatoes, fondant potatoes, smashed potatoes, slow cooked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, potato wedges, etc.

Joan Kennedy, Magazine Editor


I’m thankful for the privilege to write for The Heights, and the beautiful discoveries that it has led me to. I’m thankful for the fighting spirit of my laptop keyboard, the dedication and passion of every e-board member, and the voice memo iPhone functionality. I’m thankful for the peaceful silence at dawn, the chromatic spectacle of late fall, and the people I get to share all life’s tiny miracles with. But above all else, I’m thankful for my perfectly imperfect family.

Alessandro Zenati, Metro Editor


I’m thankful for so much more than I could possibly say, but here’s to trying: for good food, good books, and good coffee; for independent bookstores; for encouraging sticky notes with drawings of rocks and the person who leaves them for me; for my sister, who’s just like me but better; for Chicago and the family there who I miss every day; for Boston and the family I found here who make it home; and for Sundays and the family I’ve spent 30(ish) of the last year with.

Mary Wilkie, Opinions Editor


I’m thankful for embarrassing middle school pictures, people who are down to eat chocolate chip pancakes with me at any hour of the day, bad puns, friends who get my stupid jokes, a roommate who constantly enlightens me on pop culture happenings new and old (“You’ve never seen that video of Lenny Kravitz’s d—k falling out??!” —an excerpt from a conversation we had last week), NJ bagels, and all of the amazing people I’ve met thanks to The Heights.

Kaitlin Meeks, Photography Editor


I’m thankful for the now no longer existing corner cushion of the copy couch, the time I saw the Heights mouse do a backflip (it happened, okay?), the quote board, and placeholder headlines. I’m thankful for my partner-in-crime Colleen (thank you, Colleen, very cool), BC email addresses, and in-depth analyses of Flo Rida’s “Low.” I’m thankful for the filth that is McElroy 113, but more importantly, the people who keep me going back there every day, even when I should definitely be studying or asleep.

Abby Hunt, Copy Editor


I’m thankful for the B Line, blanket scarves, and the corner of the copy couch. I’m thankful for the ladies of 803, Abby for being willing to talk about style guides at any time of the night, and my family back on the world’s greatest island. Perhaps most of all, I’m thankful for all the characters I’ve met in Mac 113.

Colleen Martin, Copy Editor


I’m thankful for the meatball paninis at Eagle’s, for being from Central Jersey (which does indeed exist), and for being able to live with my best friends two years in a row. Most importantly, I’m thankful for all the times I’ve managed to secure a booth at O’Neill and for all of the Pilot G2 pens I’ve used throughout the years (.5 mm, though, because the .7 ones are trash).

Nicole Chan, Graphics Editor


I am thankful for good conversations, for time spent with loved ones, and for opportunities that allow me to learn and grow.

Anna Tierney, Graphics Editor


I’m thankful for my family and friends (especially the gals of 44 Greycliff!). I’m thankful that I’m able to attend a school like BC and live in a city that looks like a Windows screensaver in the fall. I’m thankful for my Heights family and the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s.

Barrette Janney, Social Media Director


I’m thankful for my family, all my amazing friends strewn across the Midwest and from Albany, tiny notebooks, movies made in 1999, aimless drives through Kansas, the “This Week in 2008” section of The Bald Win, and the past year on The Heights for giving me both a place to procrastinate and some of the most incredible people in my life.

Emerson DeBasio, Multimedia Editor


I’m thankful for chipotle chicken sandwiches from Eagles Deli, Afroman, and command+F on my computer. I’m also thankful for cars for keeping me on my toes.

Max Roth, Outreach Coordinator


I’m thankful for the em dash, Wawa, all the friends I’ve found at BC, that one Pixar meme Andy made, people who don’t get mad when I correct “who vs. whom,” and the countless hours I’ve spent in Mac 113 trying to get work done—time I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Jack Miller, Assistant News Editor


I’m thankful for a lot of things, including but not limited to: my family and especially my sister’s incredible strength, flannels, “The Mighty Rio Grande,” the year 2008, free WiFi at fast food places, the turf of Newton North High School, homemade wine, quote boards, the word “swell,”  takeover weeks, the other two (plus one) incredibly great sports editors, my friends who make early public speaking mornings something I actually look forward to, and the fact that every Sunday I get to make a newspaper (and slowly fall apart while doing so) with a lot of people that I love procrastinating in the office with.

Bradley Smart, Associate Sports Editor


I’m thankful for Super Bowl 48, Seattle Teriyaki (the best teriyaki on the planet don’t @ me), and anyone who understands Vine references. Most importantly, I am thankful for the email that Andy Backstrom sent to me in August inviting me to join the board (even though he lied slightly when he wrote it), and the friends that email has allowed me to make since the semester started.

Peter Kim, Assistant Sports Editor


I am thankful for the last signature I get on page A14 on a Sunday night and the first person I see holding a copy of The Heights the following morning. I am thankful for the familiar taste of a soy vanilla latte, the reassuring ease of The New York Times Monday crossword, and the prospective thrill of songs I have yet to discover. I am thankful for the people who fill my life with laughter and remind me that home is much more than a physical location.

Kaylie Ramirez, Associate Arts Editor


I’m thankful for my family and friends and their unwavering support, and for all the wonderful people on The Heights who make McElroy 113 my home away from home. And I’m thankful for peppermint hot chocolate, “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac, arts movie nights when we don’t really watch the movie at all, and for the two weeks of fall that somehow make the rest of Boston’s weather worth it.

Emily Himes, Assistant Arts Editor


I’m thankful for my family and friends, the quasi-sorority that is Walsh 407, Joan Kennedy for being the Drew Gallagher to my Tom Rinaldi, Kristen Bahr for tolerating my 10 alarms every morning, James Conner, lattes, libras, flying into Los Angeles at night, “Wild Horses,” and 70-degree weather. And most of all, I’m thankful for my unforgettable Heights family for making a college 2,996 miles across the country feel like home.

Brooke Kaiserman, Associate Magazine Editor


I’m thankful for the East Coast, the Atlantic Ocean, and the many Striped Bass who inhabit it. I’m thankful I passed econ, have no classes Friday, and that apparently employers are hiring English majors again. I’m thankful for Chopped marathons, dirty water New York hot dogs, pots full of Sunday gravy, fresh basil from the garden, and the friends and family for whom I cook it all.

Timmy Facciola, Assistant Magazine Editor


I guess I’m thankful for everything. But especially my friends, fam, crazy golden retriever, Post Malone, whipped cream, grilled cheese, sushi, and homemade pasta.

Izzy Fenoglio, Assistant Metro Editor


I’m thankful for my mom.

Keith Carroll, Associate Photo Editor


I’m so grateful for my amazing parents (who love me enough to drive five hours in Boston traffic every home game and host the greatest tailgates), my family, and my friends who have become my family over the years. Also, marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving.

Katie Genirs, Assistant Photo Editor


I’m thankful for my family, friends (shoutout to the girls in 1401), and Heights photo (mentors, fellow editors, and photographers—past and present). Also, I’m thankful for coffee, country music, pupper doggo memes, skies full of stars, blocks of cheese, crisp fall air, my porch, beautiful morning light, the Rat’s clam chowder, Lilo & Stitch, and the invention of the camera!

Celine Lim, Assistant Photo Editor


I’m thankful for a family that would do anything for me, friends that will last a lifetime, and people that play country music on aux. I’m also thankful for Uber, sushi, and NFL Sundays.

Kipp Milone, Operations Manager


I’m thankful for The Heights for consistently putting up with my antics and the business side for tolerating my CSOM jokes. I’m thankful for my family and friends who I can always count on and my best semester at BC. I’m thankful for Donald Glover and all the incredible albums that have dropped this year.

William McCarthy, Collections Manager


I’m thankful for my family, both at home and the one that I have made here. Especially thankful for my dog, Chipotle, late night, Ben and Jerry’s pints, and for getting to be a part of the amazing biz side.

Kristen Bahr, Local Account Manager


I’m thankful for my family, my friends, especially the boys of 223, Tom Brady, Brad Stevens, and above all else, Chipotle.

Will Powers, Local Account Manager

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November 19, 2018