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High-Energy Hip-Hop Routines Reign at UPrising Showcase

On Saturday night, Boston College dance crew UPrising put on their third-annual dance showcase, Waves II, featuring its own choreography and other guest performers from both BC and the Boston area.

Waves II began with a fiery performance from UPrising, all dressed in red sweatshirts dancing to O.T. Genasis’ “Everybody Mad” and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy.” Their urban hip-hop background really shined through as the members weaved in and out of formations, bopping to the music. UPrising closed off the opening act by dropping coins in a mic drop, to the roars of the crowd.

Next, the first of the guest performers AEROdynamiK (AeroK) brought its dance number, inspired by Korean dance forms, that began with hip-hop bounce to Chris Brown’s “F—k It Off,” but then shifted to a more lyrical mood to Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” and Shawn Mendes’ “In My Blood.” AeroK’s performance featured partner work to the touching lyrics of “1-800-273-8255,” and ended its performance with everyone throwing their plaid shirts up into the air.

Phaymus then came on stage wearing camo pants and white tops, dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings” and Tinashe’s “Throw A Fit.” In true Phaymus-style, its dance number was filled with swagger as it shifted the audience’s mood from that of emotional reflection to high-energy dance.

Synergy Dance Company performed next to Tyler, the Creator’s “I Ain’t Got Time.” Its dance brought the energy in the room to a boil, as the audience chanted their friends’ names and encouraged the dancers to give their all on the stage.

Following the BC guest performers was UPrising’s rookie showcase, where the new members of the group presented their own choreographed piece as their induction to the BC dance community. Dressed in a black, white, and pink sweatshirt, the rookies were uniform and consistent in their dance to “Unlock the Swag” by Rae Sremmurd featuring Jace of Two-9.

The event then turned to the audience, where three audience members volunteered to go on stage for a freestyle battle. The participants turned it up onstage, dancing to a random track and showing off their moves.

Guest performances from groups outside BC came next, with DanceWorks Boston, a dance group with non-professional dancers who want to continue dancing and choreographing into their adult life. DanceWorks brought a delightful show with headstands and flips that stunned the crowd.

Movementality from MIT came next, with a performance that blended meme culture with hip-hop. Featuring dances from Fortnite and a death-drop moment, Movementality kept its hip-hop fresh and current, relatable to all in the crowd.

The next group featured was QWAM, a group of dancers looking to explore and challenge the conventions of masculinity and femininity through dance. QWAM came on with a dance that had elements of wacking and urban hip-hop. The highlight of the set was when a member dropped into the splits and brought the energy to a high.

The final number was from UPrising, which premiered a new dance. The number was funky and upbeat, featuring a lot of partner work. The vibe of the dance was cute and romantic until all the dancers assembled into a V formation and shifted the tone from lighthearted to a high-energy, swagger-filled hip-hop number.

The UPrising showcase of Waves II celebrated not only hip-hop, but also many dance styles that weaved in and out through the showcase. The stage was a melting pot of styles, all of which enriched the hip-hop genre and the BC community.

Featured Image by Jonathan Ye / Heights Editor

January 27, 2019