Walsh Addresses Super Bowl Safety in Boston

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, BC ’09, addressed the press early Friday morning concerning public safety for upcoming Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Ga.

“I did not expect to plan for so many Super Bowls,” the mayor joked.

Since the beginning of Walsh’s term in 2014 the Boston Red Sox have won a World Series (2018), and the New England Patriots have appeared in three Super Bowls, with their fourth taking place this coming Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.

“No other city has really seen a team like the New England Patriots,” said Walsh. “The Patriots represent a sustained excellence in teamwork, planning, strategy, and effort.”

Citing watch parties across the city, specifically in bars and common areas, Walsh made it clear that his “number one priority is safety” this weekend. Besides mentioning the availability of Boston safety officials over the weekend, Walsh advised those coming into the city to use public transportation and refrain from drinking and driving.

He urged colleges in the Boston area to keep an eye out for out-of-state freshmen who may be experiencing their first championship weekend in a contending team’s city. A notice from the Office of the Dean of Students at Boston College was sent out shortly following the press conference, urging BC students to act responsibly on Sunday.

Pointing out the respect the Patriots have shown to the Rams and the city of Atlanta this past week, the Mayor urges everyone to “respect people’s property, respect peoples cars, respect people’s livelihoods” and to “be smart” no matter the outcome of the game.

He said he wants to avoid celebrations similar to when a man climbed up a pole and punched a light after the Red Sox won the World Series in the fall.

“I have no idea what type of celebration that is,” Walsh said.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross offered remarks after the Mayor, which he opened with praises of the Patriots and charitable Krafts. Gross gave details of parking restrictions that will be enacted over certain periods this weekend to prevent congestion in the streets—further details can be found on the City of Boston’s website.

He elaborated on Walsh’s remarks that safety officials will be covering all areas of Boston, providing any assistance to those who need help.

“That’s what’s great about Boston,” Gross said, “we all work together.”

“Go Patriots!” the Commissioner cheered before handing the stage back to the Mayor.

Having learned how to handle championship weekends over time, Walsh, a 20-year Patriots season ticket holder, will attend the Super Bowl on Sunday. It will be his first time attending a Super Bowl since he became mayor in 2014. Walsh will leave in the morning for Atlanta and return early Monday morning.

When asked about his score prediction, Walsh said he was superstitious and would not pick a score. But he did say that he hopes Tom Brady has the ball if the game comes down to the final minutes. Walsh also praised the Patriots’ charitable acts for the greater Boston area, specifically highlighting the Kraft family, saying “they actually do a lot for our great city and our neighborhoods,” and that he often equates running the team to governing.

“We know the Patriots are going to give everything they have for this game,” Walsh said. “Whatever happens, we still have the greatest team and the greatest city.”

Featured Image by Jonathan Ye / Heights Staff

February 1, 2019