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Alec Benjamin Mourns Lost Love in “Let me Down Slowly”

“Let Me Down Slowly” is a story of heartbreak. In the music video for the version featuring Alessia Cara, Alec Benjamin sings alone in a rustic, empty room, cold enough to see his breath, as he laments the approaching end of a relationship with someone he loves. The only instrumental accompaniment at this point is a subdued but intricate guitar part.

“If you wanna go then I’ll be so lonely / If you’re leavin’ baby let me down slowly,” he sings right before he starts the chorus, joined by delicate piano chords and beautiful accents from background singers. Once this emotional chorus begins, viewers see snippets of couples of all different types and orientations as they share intimate moments together in places like a skate park, an arcade, and the back of a parked car. Although the atmosphere this creates in the video seems to contradict the theme and lyrics of the song, it makes sense if Benjamin is trying to depict the type of intimacy that he is trying so hard to hold on to.

The next verse and chorus are sung by Alessia Cara in an empty room. Her beautiful, unadulterated voice is perfect not only for the emotions of the song but also for blending with Benjamin’s in the latter part of the song. “And I can’t stop myself from falling,” they sing together repeatedly for the bridge of the song, and this is where their voices come through and shine. In general, the song is pretty somber and contained, but both the video and their voices match the spirit of the track and all the emotions it’s trying to convey.

Featured Image by Columbia Records

February 10, 2019

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