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‘Walk Me Home,’ ‘I Guess I Just Feel Like,’ and More New Singles

“Walk Me Home” – P!nk

A surprisingly upbeat song for such pleading lyrics, “Walk Me Home” is driven by a steady, strong drum beat that gives the whole song structure and unity. P!nk’s incredible vocals are on full display throughout the entire song, which gives it an authentic sound only she can achieve.

The lyrics to “Walk Me Home” evoke mixed feelings—at first, the words come off as fun and lighthearted, but they become more jaded in the chorus when P!nk sings about her inner demons and all that is going wrong in the world. She sings in an unwaveringly strong yet desperate voice, “I can’t be alone with all that’s on my mind, mhm / So say you’ll stay with me tonight / ‘Cause there is so much wrong goin’ on outside.”

The song darkens even more when P!nk sings, “There’s something in the way I want to cry,” which doesn’t fit the overall tone of the song. While the lyrics have sad and pleading undertones, the overall feel of the song is optimistic and hopeful. It doesn’t cross the line and dive too deep.

The song’s biggest fault is its repetitive nature. “Walk Me Home” is pretty short, coming in at just under three minutes, and the chorus repeats four times. Additionally, each verse sounds exactly like the chorus, with no changes in rhythm or sound whatsoever. It makes two minutes and 57 seconds sound like an eternity.

“Walk Me Home” will undoubtedly be a hit—P!nk could sing her grocery list and it would probably go straight to number one. In terms of song quality, though, she was much better off  during her previous releases from 2012’s The Truth About Love, or better yet, 2006’s Funhouse.

“I Guess I Just Feel Like” – John Mayer

Staying consistent with his newer sound, John Mayer’s “I Guess I Just Feel Like” is one of his best recent releases. By no means is it a happy song, but it’s an unexpectedly cathartic one that is free flowing and evolving. There is no repeated chorus, making every line count in the song’s story. The track ends with Mayer admitting he “felt like giving up today,” followed by a minute of an excellent, yet subdued, guitar solo which gives the listener time to fully absorb all the lyrics.

“The Bones” – Maren Morris

Maren Morris’ new song, “The Bones” has an extremely catchy beat and sweet yet cliched lyrics but overall disappointing sound quality and production. In the song, Morris’ voice seems to be auto-tuned more than usual, giving it an unfortunately inauthentic feel. The lyrics in the chorus are fun and fit perfectly with the song’s flowing beat, but overall it just doesn’t compare to “GIRL,” her previous single off her upcoming album.

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February 24, 2019