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BC Appeals Court Ruling Overturning Student’s Suspension

Boston College filed an appeal against a recent U.S. District Court decision overturning a student’s suspension for an alleged sexual misconduct incident on Wednesday.

The student, identified only as “John Doe” in court documents, filed a civil suit against the University on July 29, alleging that he was denied fair process in disciplinary proceedings last spring. The University suspended Doe on June 18 and ruled against him on appeal on July 24.

In the original Aug. 20 court order, presiding judge Douglas P. Woodlock said the ruling stemmed from the “substantial likelihood” that Doe will succeed in his claim against BC. Woodlock also said that the balance of hardship would “decidedly weigh more heavily upon John Doe” than complainant Jane Roe or the University if Doe were barred from returning to campus as the fall semester began.

On Aug. 24, Associate Vice President of University Communications Jack Dunn said in an email statement to The Heights that the University was “evaluating our options regarding an appeal.”

Dunn did not immediately respond for comment about the appeal. 

The next hearing is scheduled for Sept. 5, when the two parties will make their recommendations for redactions before court documents are unsealed.

This case is unrelated to the lawsuit brought by an alumnus alleging that the University breached its contract with him during 2012 disciplinary proceedings initiated over sexual assault allegations.

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September 3, 2019