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BC Band Juice Returns to Campus for UGBC Block Party

It really was time for Juice, known as @itstimeforjuice on Instagram, on Thursday night at the Undergraduate Government of Boston College’s Homecoming Block Party. The performance was also in a way truly their own homecoming, as the seven-piece band of BC alumni was created on campus during their freshman year. 

All having graduated before the advent of what students refer to as “the new Plex,” the members of Juice came back to their “old haunts,” as lead singer Ben Stevens, BC ’17, put it, for a performance in the new Margot Connell Recreation Center—an expansive workout facility they never got to enjoy themselves, something the band made sure to remind the audience of frequently throughout the show.

With many of their friends who are currently seniors at BC lined up in the front row, the guys of Juice looked right at home onstage, joking with each other and the crowd all throughout the performance. The band consists of Stevens on lead vocals, Christian Rose, BC ’17, on backing vocals and violin; Michael Riccuiardulli, BC ’17, and Daniel Moss, BC ’17, on guitars; Rami El-Abidin, BC ’15, on bass; Kamau Burton, BC ’17, on acoustic guitar and backing vocals; and finally Miles Clyatt, BC ’17, on drums. 

These seven bandmates collaborate together to produce a sound as unique as Juice itself: a mix of rock, R&B, and hip-hop with jazz undertones, emphasized by a powerful electric violin, rolling guitars, and deep, honest lyrics. The lyrically authentic and compelling songs are brought to life through the talented vocals of Stevens, Burton, and Rose, with gospel-choir-esque choruses that make for easy crowd sing-alongs. As the multicolored lights shined over the faces of the band members and across their instruments, the crowd was captivated by the chemistry of the band and how smoothly the seven produced an authentic and entertaining performance.

Having experienced commercial success off campus when they performed on the Today Show as Elvis Duran’s “Artist of the Month” in August 2018, the band returned to campus with a refreshing energy and charisma. The setlist consisted of a mix of their newer releases from you are simply magnificent—an EP released on Aug. 23 of 2019 that’s commonly referred to by the band as YASM, a phrase proudly displayed on the band’s matching t-shirts—as well as some of their older hits. 

From the first few EPs, Juice played highlights, such as the crowd favorite “Gold,” as well as the lively, passionate “Sugar.” The talent of these seven guys is greatly conveyed through their stage presence, as the guitarists command the audience during solos, and Rose, with his obvious violin expertise, never fails to leave the crowd awestruck at how such a delicate instrument can bring so much life to a rock-based band. Juice’s performance at Homecoming exemplified all that they are: a group of extremely talented performers with incredibly authentic stories to tell through their unique musical discography. 

All signs point toward a promising future for this young band.

Featured Image by Bridget Clark / For The Heights

October 23, 2019