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‘Lay Here With Me,’ ‘Harleys in Hawaii,’ and More in Singles

“Lay Here With Me” – Maddie & Tae, Dierks Bentley 

Ever since the duo’s comical 2015 hit “Girl In a Country Song,” Maddie & Tae have released a string of more reflective love and break-up ballads. In “Lay Here With Me,” they team up with country powerhouse Dierks Bentley to bolster what is another typical love song. The single doesn’t incorporate anything special—coming in at just under three minutes, the incredibly average song incorporates overused clichés and lackluster lyrics.

While the song itself is nothing to write home about, it does give the duo a chance to highlight their skillful harmonies and sheer vocal talent. Ever since their upbeat debut a few years ago, Maddie & Tae have switched their format to slower, more introspective songs such as “Die From a Broken Heart,” which dominated radio airwaves earlier this year. 

Including Bentley on the single was a great strategic move on their part. Bentley has always been a solid artist, but he has seen a recent spike in success after his previous album, The Mountain. His presence in the song definitely balances it out and allows the single to reach listeners that wouldn’t have given it a chance otherwise. 

“Harleys in Hawaii” – Katy Perry 

Katy Perry’s latest single, “Harleys in Hawaii,” could not possibly get any worse. The lyrics are absolutely ridiculous, even for a Katy Perry song, but they aren’t the weakest part of the track—the entire thing is incredibly annoying and seemingly never-ending. While the bar wasn’t very high, “Harleys in Hawaii” truly serves as a new low for Perry. Between the uber-repetitive lyrics and fake-sounding, annoying autotune, this single definitely won’t be the one to spring Perry back to fame.

“Rearrange Us” – Mt. Joy

Detailed lyrics and a smooth cadence combine to make “Rearrange Us” an all-around great song. The track is endlessly chill, exuding an air of ease, tranquility, and true contentment. Purposefully vague lyrics, such as “It seems like a short life / But it feels like a long time / When I remember everything” can be applied cathartically to just about any given situation. 

Featured Image by Mercury Nashville

October 23, 2019