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iEdit: Emily Himes Enjoys Life like a Florida Retiree

I asked Emily Himes, associate arts editor for The Heights and MCAS ’20, to “put some easy ones” on her playlist this week. Had there been no collusion(!) in the creation of this list, I’d have expected about twice as much real country, or simply “La Flaca – Live” 10 times—the latter being right for any and all occasions. She did get a song with the word “wine” in it, however, so we can rest assured this selection is genuine. These picks are all perfect for two vitally important listening opportunities: shower bops and dog walks. 

There are too many slow ones for a compelling road trip playlist, too few Billy Joel deep cuts to be a work playlist, and none crazy enough to match Emily’s wild high school escapades (though one has to wonder whether “Falling in and Out of Love” is a callback.)

Instead, these are for the everyday when you mostly want to be doing something else. You can Clavado when you’re trudging around in the Boston winter with your jacketed wheaten terrier, imagining that it’s both Summer and that you live in an actual City. “Paper Rings” is the perfect combination for the singing/imagining shower routine before getting on the T for your unpaid Boston internship thrice a week. 

Just think, in only five short days, you and your paper-ringed-beloved can bring that new wheaten to Boston Common at Golden Hour. 

Featured Image by Spotify

October 27, 2019