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iEdit: Jacob Schick Enjoys Pilsners, Patagonias, and Peter Tosh

It’s surprising that Jacob Schick, A1 Editor and MCAS ’20, only filled 20 percent of his playlist with songs from The Band. And while the two of us typically share a similar taste in music (I’m not sure either of us have heard any songs released post-2000), he also enjoys a super weird sphere of music that transcends all genres—those are all approximately 11 minutes long and a little dark. Sometimes there’s yodeling involved. None of those tracks made their way onto this playlist, though—instead, it’s full of songs that are confirmed Emily-approved, or at least sound like something I’d probably listen to. 

The playlist starts off reminiscent of Whose Manz, stacking classic male-centric pieces like “Sinnerman” and “Downpressor Man” in the first few minutes. He transitions to some songs by the world’s greatest musicians, except it doesn’t include any of their popular songs, instead opting for deep cuts and the world’s most terrifying picture of Mick Fleetwood (which, speaking of, “wasn’t that good live”). Schick has seen a variety of incredible concerts, and was quick to include “My Old School” after having attended nine straight Steely Dan shows at the Beacon Theater. And just like Oh, Hello’s Gil Faizon, Schick got to see “Walter Becker from Steely Dan, playing his guitar like he’s in the band at the end of a Lunesta commercial.” 

He concludes with two Band songs, “Caledonia Mission” and “It Makes No Difference,” both relatively unheard of (and that’s coming from me), separated by “Can’t Find My Way Home” by Blind Faith, off its first and only album, Blind Faith. 

The 10-track playlist is nearly an hour long, which says a lot about the average length of each song included. The playlist probably isn’t the best for the gym, nor is it great for work that warrants heavy concentration. It’s not cut out for the newsroom—it’s too short for that—although it could definitely work as the foundation for a West Maine, Best Maine playlist. What it is really perfect for is drinking various IPAs and German pilsners from a Wegman’s Craft Your Own Six Pack, while wearing a grey Patagonia sweater over a faded Band t-shirt. It’s what this playlist was intended for, and is definitely the best way to enjoy it in its original form. 

Featured Graphic by Ally Mozeliak / Graphics Editor

November 10, 2019

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