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Mura Masa, Jessie Ware, and Noah Cyrus Release New Singles

“Deal Wiv It” – Mura Masa featuring slowthai

British producer Mura Masa enlists up-and-coming rapper slowthai for his single “Deal Wiv It,” a punchy, aggressive track that combines a punk rock spirit with Mura Masa’s signature choppy production style.

 The single was released in anticipation of Mura Masa’s sophomore album, entitled R.Y.C. On “Deal Wiv It,” slowthai unleashes what might be the most British line ever uttered when he sneers, “I went to the pub and asked for a pint for three quid / He said it’s a fiver, well that’s gentrification, you prick” in his South London accent. 

The rapper continues his tirade in a stream-of-consciousness style, decrying everything from low phone batteries to the inevitability of death. A relentless bass riff reminiscent of The Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” drones on. Just like the unhinged protagonist of “Psycho Killer,” slowthai too seems to be inching precariously close to losing his mind. It’s the aural equivalent of a teenage boy punching a wall: testosterone-fueled, chaotic, and completely nonsensical.

During the chorus, loud, crunchy synths mingle with slowthai’s chopped and screwed battle cry of “Deal wiv it!” Throughout the track, Mura Masa adds playful production elements like skittering guitars and whining synths to balance out slowthai’s intensity.

“Deal Wiv It” is yet another feather in Mura Masa’s cap that demonstrates how he can bring the best out of his collaborators and produce something entirely original in the process.  

“Mirage” – Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware resurrects the very best of ’70s-style disco with “Mirage.” Ware sings in little more than a whisper over a pulsating, bass-heavy beat sprinkled with funky guitar. “Don’t stop moving together,” Ware repeats, lovingly recreating the vapid, dance-obsessed lyrics of the disco era. It’s an homage that perfectly encapsulates the genre.

“July” – Noah Cyrus featuring Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges lends his soulful vocals to a reworking of Noah Cyrus’ “July.” It’s easy to lose track of Cyrus’ sheer talent when the media is more content to paint her as Miley’s rebellious little sister, the one with a nose ring who very briefly—and publicly—dated Soundcloud rapper Lil Xan. But on “July,” a wistful, acoustic breakup song, there’s nothing to distract from Cyrus’ vocal prowess.

Featured Image by Interscope Records

November 10, 2019

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