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The Dynamics Mix Traditional, Modern A Capella Styles at Fall Invitational

True to their name, The Dynamics hosted a Fall Invitational Saturday evening in Gasson 100 that gave their audience a wide-ranging sampling of a cappella renditions. Demonstrating their own musical talent, as well as that of various other arts groups on campus and beyond, The Dynamics’ show was a testament to the ever-changing and diverse nature of music.  

Clad in classic all-black, The Dynamics opened the show to excited cheers as president Claire Fitzpatrick, MCAS ’20, introduced the group. They kicked off the show with a solo debut from first-year member Kyle Leonard, MCAS ’23, who belted out a melody confidently as the other singers harmonized beneath him.  

Next, The Bostonians of Boston College, another co-ed a-cappella group, took the stage. They sang a medley of “Talk” by Ed Sheerhan and Khalid, “If I Can’t Have You” by Shawn Mendes, “Señorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, and “Without Me” by Halsey. The mashup featured a particularly theatrical solo by Rob Sangirardi, CSOM ’20 during “Señorita.”

The group then transitioned to a more emotional piece, singing a combination of Bon Iver’s songs “Heavenly Father” and “8 (circle).” Jake Abrams, Lynch ’20, soloed during the song, as the group layered their voices and stomped their feet, driving the song forward. 

Following The Bostonians’ performance, the hosts returned for a second song. The Dynamics sang a rendition of Ruth B.’s “If This Is Love,” sung by Caroline Gillette, MCAS ’21. She serenaded the audience with the lovesick ballad, stunning with her impressive range. The song was a crowd favorite, and Gillette’s vocal prowess was enhanced by the interwoven harmonies of the rest of the group.  

As The Dynamics finished their second song, the crowd was treated to a performance by Latin dance group Fuego Del Corazón. Following a stretch of somber, emotional music, Fuego Del Corazón brought much-needed energy to the room. Combining smaller group salsa with a show-stopping merengue, Fuego Del Corazón was a refreshing intermission during a night of a cappella.

Treble on Huntington, an all-female a cappella group from Northeastern University, performed next. What Treble on Huntington lacked in sonic depth they made up for in engaging chorography and captivating soloists. The women made a great impression on the audience, especially considering the fact that they were completely unfamiliar to BC students.  

To finish the show, The Dynamics performed two closing songs. Beginning with “Okay Okay,” a new track from Alessia Cara, The Dynamics embodied the self-affirming, cheeky nature of the song. Emma Roney, MCAS ’22 smiled while she soloed, singing “I’m a million trick pony / The number one and only / At a scale from one to ten, I’m at eleven” while the other members encouraged her, singing, “Okay, okay.”

The finale of the Fall Invitational was a moving cover of Post Malone’s hit “I Fall Apart.” The Dynamics passed the melody around, building up to swelling, intricate harmonies. It was the perfect end to The Dynamics’ set that showed off their diverse talents. 

Throughout the night, The Dynamics—meshing a traditional a cappella style with modern pop songs—were able to give the audience a taste of what the BC arts scene has to offer. Bringing together an all-female a cappella group, a Latin dance team, and mash-up inspired a cappella crew, The Dynamics Fall Invitational had something for everyone.

Featured Image by Celine Lim / Heights Editor

November 18, 2019