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Car Crashes into MBTA Tracks on Comm. Ave.

A car crashed into the fence along the Green Line B Branch tracks near Gerald Street on Friday afternoon. All three people in the car—at least one of whom attends Boston College—were uninjured.

The car remained on the tracks for a brief period of time, resulting in a delay for the B Branch of the Green Line. The MBTA temporarily replaced service between Washington Street and Boston College with shuttle buses, but service resumed when the car was removed from the tracks shortly afterward. 

A track check was conducted, and no repairs to the tracks are needed, said an MBTA Transit Police officer responding to the scene.

The driver made a U-turn on Commonwealth Ave. near Gerald Street, at which point another car swerved into the lane, according to a passenger in the car at the time of the accident. The driver swerved to avoid the car and ended up crashing into the fence.

The car involved in the accident received minor damage, including four flat tires. 

Jess Rivilis contributed reporting to this article.

Featured Image Courtesy of Jess Rivilis / Heights Editor

January 17, 2020