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Snowport Brings Winter Spirit to Boston

The unseasonably warm weather that dominated this year’s winter break might not have been exactly the lucky gift that most people made it out to be. Although walking around without a jacket or fears of frostbite was nice, it instead caused the loss of a true winter. Many winter traditions were missed out on this year: Ice skating on a nearby pond or lake, intense snowball fights, sipping on hot chocolate after being convinced at least three fingers and toes would need to be removed, and so on But despite the warm weather that opened this week, there is one place to experience everything that may have been missed. 

Just a quick Uber or, for the fiscally conscious and transportation savvy,  T ride away, winter is in full swing at Snowport. Boston’s newest winter destination is located in the heart of the Seaport district. What was previously the Cisco Brewers Beer and Wine Garden has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Sponsored by Boston’s Seaport and in partnership with Fjällräven and Capital One Cafes, Snowport offers a chance to indulge in some quintessential winter activities. From now until the end of February, ice skating, hot chocolate and warm comfort food trucks, tables of boards games to play with friends, and curling courts—an ever-popular winter sport—are open and available to the public. 

It costs $5 to skate as an adult and an additional $5 for rental skates. The rink is open for free skate Monday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., Friday until 10 p.m., Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

Even before arriving at the final destination, the winter spirit is overwhelming throughout Seaport. When even construction cranes are lit up by bright strings of lights, one can’t help but feel the winter magic. 

Walking into the Winter Village, upbeat music fills the air, and groups of families and friends laugh and enjoy themselves. The 3,000 square foot ice rink is filled with couples, friends, and children using the adorable penguin-shaped skating helpers alike. 

Additionally, a row of food trucks lined by evergreen trees and surrounded by tables provided plenty of space to relax and socialize off the ice. With vendors including Oath Pizza and Waffle Cabin, Snowport has the perfect winter comfort foods to warm you up after a long day of skating—and at reasonable prices. 

Across the village, there are two full-size curling courts, a warming gondola, and tables of games and activities free for public use. Snowport ambassadors are available throughout the village, such as Rosalba Munoz, whose job is to be a guide and provide information on daily activities and events for all patrons of Snowport. 

“It’s fun to work here because everyday there’s something new, something going around,” Munoz said. “Every day you come to work and expect new things. The people are smiling,  happy. Even with the cold, it’s not bad at all.” 

Snowport also hosts themed events. Their upcoming college night is on Feb. 6, PJ Party is on Feb. 20, and IceFlow—a hybrid between ice skating and yoga—is on Feb. 22. Snowport also offers lessons for both skating and curling.

The perfect destination to escape the libraries this semester, Snowport offers that charming winter feeling and fun festivities in the heart of the Seaport. 

Featured Image by Alexa Pitz/Heights Staff

January 21, 2020